The Blizzard in a Bottle is an accessory that was added in the 1.2 update. It can be found in Ice Chest and, when equipped, it allows the player to do a double jump of greater height than that of the Cloud in a Bottle - in fact, it could be said to be functionally similar to the Rocket Boots, only shorter-lived, with Blizzard having noticeably much shorter boost and Cloud being only the extra jump without any additional distance.

The Blizzard in a Bottle can stack effects with both the Sandstorm in a Bottle and the Cloud in a Bottle for a total of three additional jump boosts.

Like the Cloud in a Bottle, it can be combined with the Shiny Red Balloon at the Tinkerer's Workshop to yield the Blizzard in a Balloon, which combines the effects of both items, much like the Cloud in a Balloon.


Blizzard in a Bottle in action.


Unlike the Cloud in a Bottle, in which a cloud appears under you feet, the Blizzard in a Bottle causes a stream of particles like that of the Rocket Boot's. The only difference is in the color and style.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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