• Riley ford from school

    does any one have a spare moon charmi could have?

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  • Funfox21

    Goblins and eyes

    May 20, 2019 by Funfox21

    I beat the goblin Army and the Eye of Cthulhu I have a gun now so that’s cool next is Skeletron

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  • PraseoGaming


    April 29, 2019 by PraseoGaming

    Just lists escalating from the highest to the lowest.(Just lists of YT video making) A. Time consumed:

    1.5.Editing 1.5.Preparing 3.Recording 4.Publishing 5.Tags 6.Thumbnail Making

    B. Difficulty

    1.Editing 2.Preparing 3.Tags 4.Thumbnail Making 5.Recording(Execution is hard) 6.Publishing(I only press a button lol)

    C. Fun

    1.Recording 2.Preparing 3.Tags 4 Thumbnail Making 5.Publishing(When internet is slow) 6.Editing Read more >
  • PraseoGaming

    My Contribution.

    April 26, 2019 by PraseoGaming

    If you look at my contributions I actually edited the rope page. Yeah..... I got bored....

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  • PraseoGaming


    April 25, 2019 by PraseoGaming

    Hi this is my first blog and I just hope that ya'll have a great time I'm a mobile player!

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  • Coffee Crash

    Hello everyone I'm The Guide. If you need help send me a comment and I will try to answer it as soon as I can

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  • Mememachine101

    Ranger build

    April 22, 2019 by Mememachine101

    I finally just made the entire suit of shroomite armor(on my mobile account)and I’m looking to defeat Duke Fishron. I got all my Chlorophyte Bullets and my most powerful guns but i’m Looking for a good use of items that can increase my range and/or ranged attack anyone have any tips or pointers?

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  • Jofis101

    I finally beat the Wall of Flesh, and I now have full palladium gear currently searching for Orichalcum, does it just spawn in the Caverns?

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  • A meme boi

    King slime

    April 11, 2019 by A meme boi

    I killed king slime now I need gold armor so I can finally kill the Eye of Cthulhu

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  • A meme boi

    I need help

    April 8, 2019 by A meme boi

    How do you progress in the Xbox 360 version cuz I don’t know how

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