• Snealer

    I Defeated Duke Fishron for the first time.

    Immediately got the bubble gun (now I can defeat every boss (Mobile version 1.2.4.) with spectre armor. Its OP) Defeated him again, got the Flairon. Then again. Got the staff + the wings and again and then I got the book and then again and I got the tsunami. (Good thing I got all of this in order I didn't get anything twice :D)

    Then I killed all bosses with ease: Got every boss trophy (except Duke Fishrons) and Ocram's trophy twice.

    I read the news about Terraria 1.3.6 coming for PC and 1.3.1 coming for Xbox1/PS4/Switch. And I read about that is going great with Terraria update 1.3 for mobile.

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  • Rebmiami
    • Got Dao of Pow.
    • Killed a few wyverns and made the Harpy Wings.
    • Defeated a Hallowed Mimic (I didn't get the stormbow).
    • Died to a Hallowed Mimic when it had just a tiny sliver of health left.
    • Had a companion cube for sale AGAIN and I couldn't afford it... as soon as I have 5 platinum I'll probably never see it up again.
    • Got my first platinum (after the companion cube).
    • Found a tortured soul and got the Tax Collector NPC.
    • Got a blood moon and then immediately after a pirate invasion.
    • Defeated my first pirate invasion.
    • Got the Pirate NPC.
    • Andrew the Guide died in the invasion and I got a green cap.
    • Defeated 11 Eyes of Cthulhu in one night w/o any healing and got a mask and trophy (yes I'm insane).
    • Now has 503 demonite ore and has no idea what to do with i…
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  • ScoutOfTerraria


    I am an administrator for Terraria and if you want to I can answer any of your questions as long as you don’t ask something that will leak or cause any thing untellable towards the future of Terraria

    You may of seen I have edited a buff post and called it Jagged

    Well it’s a debuff that will come soon and will not allow uses of debuff prevention accessories for five seconds

    I said I won’t give anything away but that is not really a major leak anyways it’s just ONE of them

    Anyways, Peace!


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  • SkeletonGuyYT


    November 11, 2018 by SkeletonGuyYT

    Can I get a few tips on defeating Duke Fishron? Seems difficult.

    --SkeletonGuyYT (talk) 21:05, November 11, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Cooldo7890

    today im trying to get the turtle armour, but im having a hard time getting the turtle shells. getting the chlorophyte bars is really easy. i even have a chlorophtye farm in my world. i slo need your guys help. i should i get the whole turtle set or subisite the turtle helmet for a chlorophyte mask because the mask has more armor then the turtle helmet and i also can't get the solar esclipise to spawn in my world so do i need to do to summon it.

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  • ZXntle

    Things to Do

    November 2, 2018 by ZXntle

    What should i do before leaving vanilla terraria.  I have beat the game with my friend and we were going to start a modded playthrough but we want to do something that would finish up vanilla terraria.  

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  • OreoV2

    Any Ideas?

    October 30, 2018 by OreoV2

    Soo,Do you ahve suggestions for terrriria?List them as a comment below!

    I have a ton,but do note that this is just for a freind of mine,diagonstic lord

    Here is jsut a few.

    Peace treaty:Makes most mobs peaceful.

    You make it with the royal gel,the unlucky gravestone,and some other ones not figured out yet.

    Last hope:Crafted with a luminite bar,this kills all enimes on screen,takes all of your money,even if you stored it away,and could save your life!This also works on bosses,but it also resets your prefixes if there is over 100 enimes,or a  boss.

    Nebula cloud:Summons nebula clouds to rain mini satroid on your foes.This is just an upgraded version of the nimbus rod,exepct it has higher damage,98,and can now summon three clouds.The mini metors also …

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  • Cooldo7890

    Plantera Help

    October 29, 2018 by Cooldo7890

    over the weekend i tiried to beat plantrea. but i didn't so in the comments below tell me what weapons i should use to defeat him.

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  • King Dice 1

    My failure

    October 28, 2018 by King Dice 1

    I waited slowly for ages 07:30. When the clock struck that time I spawned skeletron  prime in. But he didn't come. The message came up but nothing happened. I ran out of souls of night so I had to get them. After I made the mechanical skull. I spawned him in and I died.

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  • Cooldo7890

    Terraria Victory!

    October 25, 2018 by Cooldo7890


    yesterday i defeated seletron prime and the destroyer. i very confident i wasn't going to beat any of them but i did. i was going to try to defeat the twins but i didn't have any more night time left. so today i going to try and hope fully i defeat it, and if i do my next objective will be to get a broken hero sword from the solar escplise. i want to three of them but i will still be happy if i get one. if i do only get one i am going to make the true night's edge first because it has a higher base damage than the true exacluiber. if i get two i will make them both. but if i get three i will make the third best sword in terraria the terra blade.

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