• HeroicCraftWhale46

    Hi Azureminergirl25. I believe that we will be great friends!

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  • Dipstick.GamingOn

    The best ways are:

    New player with 100 HP, 120 HP or more = Blood Moon and Solar Eclispe. 100 HP or less = Not gonna happen.

    That tool found fishing, skips night. Get outta here event, yo stupid.

    Thanks for viewing.

    NOTE: Do not hack to disable these events, it may mess up your experience.

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  • Mithriloakgaming

    I am part of a (very small) team that has recently started working on turning the Warmode concept (a link for the unenlightened: ) into a reality. I made this post both in an attempt to recruit new members, and to show you what has been done in the mod so far.

    Dev Blog - Game Flow

    In order to create a mod that adds a whole new mode to Terraria, it is important to look at how Terraria's previous modes were formatted, so that Warmode can follow suit and feel like it belongs in the base game.

    Here is a flowchart demonstrating the gameplay loop of Pre-Hardmode. While this flowchart is not all-encompassing, there are some important things to consider here. The main aspect in the explore -> boss -> …

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  • Fortniete

    my favorite Boss

    November 27, 2019 by Fortniete

    i love the lunatic cultist so much becouse he looks cool and when you kill him you started the lunar event.

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  • Alex yay Gee

    Fun games

    October 30, 2019 by Alex yay Gee

    i looooooove video games i want to be a youtuber

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  • Gamemaster111234


    September 30, 2019 by Gamemaster111234

    Congrats to everyone for getting to 5000 pages

    Wow just wow

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  • Dannita84

    Guide: making money

    June 11, 2019 by Dannita84

    NOTE, this cannot be done early in the game. Players with late pre hardmode gear or

    better are strong enough to be able to farm money with this technique!

    If you are low on money and miss an item you really want from the Traveling Merchant, then you wont miss anything ever again after reading this post. Demonite bars and Crimtane sell for a very good price when put in large stacks. 1 stack of 99 bars of Demonite sell for 31 gold, and 1 stack of Crimtane bars sell for 39 gold. A very easy way to farm these is to make a world and to into the evil biome then summon the EOW/BOC by breaking the shadow orbs/pulsating hearts. If you are playing on any platform that has received the 1.3.2 update it is recommended to pick the crimson as your evil bi…

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  • Pugdog1010

    my new world

    June 5, 2019 by Pugdog1010

    I made a new world and player and so far have a star furry and shadewood armor and a

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  • Funfox21


    June 3, 2019 by Funfox21

    I have full meteorite armor a Minishark and a space gun 2 rows of normal hearts am I reddy to fight the wall of flesh i am pre hard mode if I’m not reddy the me what I need to do please.

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  • Funfox21

    So guys I did it

    May 29, 2019 by Funfox21

    A good amount of things happened. I beat Skeletron I have the mechanic and the clother. I also got the painter I have no idea how. I killed the Brain of Cthulhu. I have a mini shark space gun and a full set of meteorite armor. I have killed 6 goblin Army’s I’m not kidding. I beat the Eye of Cthulhu nightly. So I’m progressing and I feel pretty good.

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