• ZXntle

    Things to Do

    November 2, 2018 by ZXntle

    What should i do before leaving vanilla terraria.  I have beat the game with my friend and we were going to start a modded playthrough but we want to do something that would finish up vanilla terraria.  

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  • OreoV2

    Any Ideas?

    October 30, 2018 by OreoV2

    Soo,Do you ahve suggestions for terrriria?List them as a comment below!

    I have a ton,but do note that this is just for a freind of mine,diagonstic lord

    Here is jsut a few.

    Peace treaty:Makes most mobs peaceful.

    You make it with the royal gel,the unlucky gravestone,and some other ones not figured out yet.

    Last hope:Crafted with a luminite bar,this kills all enimes on screen,takes all of your money,even if you stored it away,and could save your life!This also works on bosses,but it also resets your prefixes if there is over 100 enimes,or a  boss.

    Nebula cloud:Summons nebula clouds to rain mini satroid on your foes.This is just an upgraded version of the nimbus rod,exepct it has higher damage,98,and can now summon three clouds.The mini metors also …

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  • Cooldo7890

    Plantera Help

    October 29, 2018 by Cooldo7890

    over the weekend i tiried to beat plantrea. but i didn't so in the comments below tell me what weapons i should use to defeat him.

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  • King Dice 1

    My failure

    October 28, 2018 by King Dice 1

    I waited slowly for ages 07:30. When the clock struck that time I spawned skeletron  prime in. But he didn't come. The message came up but nothing happened. I ran out of souls of night so I had to get them. After I made the mechanical skull. I spawned him in and I died.

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  • Cooldo7890

    Terraria Victory!

    October 25, 2018 by Cooldo7890


    yesterday i defeated seletron prime and the destroyer. i very confident i wasn't going to beat any of them but i did. i was going to try to defeat the twins but i didn't have any more night time left. so today i going to try and hope fully i defeat it, and if i do my next objective will be to get a broken hero sword from the solar escplise. i want to three of them but i will still be happy if i get one. if i do only get one i am going to make the true night's edge first because it has a higher base damage than the true exacluiber. if i get two i will make them both. but if i get three i will make the third best sword in terraria the terra blade.

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  • Cooldo7890

    Terraria in General

    October 24, 2018 by Cooldo7890


    today im going to try to beat any of the mechinal bosses today on my phone. i hope i can beat it. i have bet any of the mechinal bosses before. so first im going to try to beat the destroyer. i dont know if it is the hardest one of out of three. but i have a plan. i goning to us the banarang which kind of like the a bomerang and the light disc combine but the banarang does more base damage. if i do defeat the destroyer in going to make the hallowed armor first.

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  • DiagnosticLord

    Hey guys and gals, I am currently making a Terraria Mod, which is called Spectra Mod.

    • The mod that i'm creating has some very cool sprites, items, weapons, enemies, accessories, crafting stations, materials, NPCs, progression, mobs, loot, projectiles, stuff, and bosses. My fan-mod also has Post-Moon Lord progression, which adds many hours of endgame content to extend your playtime. The mod has 2 new Post-Moon Lord bosses, with over a million HP. It also has 3 gamemodes in my mod, 1 new Hardmode, and 2 new Expert Modes. which are called Revenge Mode, Professional Mode, and Slayer Mode. Also, don't forget that most items now stack to 9999!
    • It also has a new thing like Life and Mana, which is called Strength. Strength is a thing that adds to th…
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  • OreoV2

    RNG heaven

    October 23, 2018 by OreoV2

    I love to replay terrarria.So on my first day,on expert mode,I went mining and found three live crystal,and an undead miner.I killed it,and it drops a legendary bone pickaxe.I was amazed,but I kept mining with my new pick.A few minutes later,I nearly get kiiled by a boulder.The boulder killed a skeleton,and that skeleton drop a legendary bone sword.After that,Since it was halloween,I ended up with full pumpkin armor,since pumpkins spawn during halloween,a great starter meele weapon,A good pickaxe,and 240 life.

    If you wanna try terrriria,do it now.

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  • DreamlandDedee

    According to the official terraria wiki, the black belt has a 1/12 percent chance to dodge attacks in normal mode and 1/8 in expert mode, however, when used to make the master ninja gear, the effect increases to 1/10 in normal mode, so does that mean in expert mode it's 1/6, or is it still 1/8?

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  • Kittycat564

    Well then

    October 3, 2018 by Kittycat564

    On my last day of pre-hardmode, I was making my arena for WOF, and from that trip, I got 8 voodoo dolls, 2 demon scythes, and an obsidian rose. Sooooooo, I beat WOF, and when I go fishing for the first time, in my first crate, I get the enchanted sundial. Later, I fish up the crystal serpent. Has this type of luck ever happen to you? I think terraria is broken.

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