• Cooldo7890

    Terraria in General

    October 24, 2018 by Cooldo7890


    today im going to try to beat any of the mechinal bosses today on my phone. i hope i can beat it. i have bet any of the mechinal bosses before. so first im going to try to beat the destroyer. i dont know if it is the hardest one of out of three. but i have a plan. i goning to us the banarang which kind of like the a bomerang and the light disc combine but the banarang does more base damage. if i do defeat the destroyer in going to make the hallowed armor first.

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  • DiagnosticLord

    Hey guys and gals, I am currently making a Terraria Mod, which is called Spectra Mod.

    • The mod that i'm creating has some very cool sprites, items, weapons, enemies, accessories, crafting stations, materials, NPCs, progression, mobs, loot, projectiles, stuff, and bosses. My fan-mod also has Post-Moon Lord progression, which adds many hours of endgame content to extend your playtime. The mod has 2 new Post-Moon Lord bosses, with over a million HP. It also has 3 gamemodes in my mod, 1 new Hardmode, and 2 new Expert Modes. which are called Revenge Mode, Professional Mode, and Slayer Mode. Also, don't forget that most items now stack to 9999!
    • It also has a new thing like Life and Mana, which is called Strength. Strength is a thing that adds to th…
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  • OreoV2

    RNG heaven

    October 23, 2018 by OreoV2

    I love to replay terrarria.So on my first day,on expert mode,I went mining and found three live crystal,and an undead miner.I killed it,and it drops a legendary bone pickaxe.I was amazed,but I kept mining with my new pick.A few minutes later,I nearly get kiiled by a boulder.The boulder killed a skeleton,and that skeleton drop a legendary bone sword.After that,Since it was halloween,I ended up with full pumpkin armor,since pumpkins spawn during halloween,a great starter meele weapon,A good pickaxe,and 240 life.

    If you wanna try terrriria,do it now.

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  • DreamlandDedee

    According to the official terraria wiki, the black belt has a 1/12 percent chance to dodge attacks in normal mode and 1/8 in expert mode, however, when used to make the master ninja gear, the effect increases to 1/10 in normal mode, so does that mean in expert mode it's 1/6, or is it still 1/8?

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  • Kittycat564

    Well then

    October 3, 2018 by Kittycat564

    On my last day of pre-hardmode, I was making my arena for WOF, and from that trip, I got 8 voodoo dolls, 2 demon scythes, and an obsidian rose. Sooooooo, I beat WOF, and when I go fishing for the first time, in my first crate, I get the enchanted sundial. Later, I fish up the crystal serpent. Has this type of luck ever happen to you? I think terraria is broken.

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  • JonasCBaldi3

    I spawned the Brain of Cthulu when I was not too OP and every time I died the Brain of Cthulu didn't Despawn! XD Lol. So when it got to phase two it Literally destroyed me. Comment Yes if you want to be as lucky as me and not have Brain of Cthulu Despawn cuz I'm SOOOO lucky!

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  • DiagnosticLord

    Earth Lord

    July 21, 2018 by DiagnosticLord

    The Earth Lord is a War Mode Post-Sharpener boss in Terraria. Earth Lord is a War Mode, eerie version of Moon Lord but more powerful and extremely challenging!! Earth Lord has 2 portals, 2 hands, 5 eyes, a mouth, and a core.

    / (total) |attack = Varies per part |defense = Varies per part |inflicts = Earth Bite |immune to = All |drops = Proper data and information is found on the fan ideas wiki. }} The Earth Lord behaves exactly like Moon Lord, but faster, stronger and more challenging!! Earth Lord has an additional attack, which is shooting Earth Lasers. The rest of the attacks deal very high damage!!


    All the data, alot more info, more content, and proper information are found here: [1] NOTE: This is a FAN IDEA!

    • This idea is said to be popular …

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  • Cake bfb

    what is going on

    June 25, 2018 by Cake bfb

    im so confused eny ways 

    i love teeraira i beat 2 bosses the king slime*** and the eye of cuthlu* next ill beat the eater of all worlds** im playing a base for it but i keep getting killed my the davores*

    • =bad gramer
      • = i may beat the barin of cuthlu* first tho
        • =my sister helped me way to much
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  • Match is the best

    Thanks you idiots you banded my brother from chat witch is awesome the best part is he did nothing thanks you little idiots and thank so to RenzXVI

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  • Terraian77

    Add Me On PS3/PS4!

    June 20, 2018 by Terraian77

    Add My Username: KwaiiHonar-- And Message me;'Terraia Is The Best Game!' And I'll Add You.

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