• JonasCBaldi3

    I spawned the Brain of Cthulu when I was not too OP and every time I died the Brain of Cthulu didn't Despawn! XD Lol. So when it got to phase two it Literally destroyed me. Comment Yes if you want to be as lucky as me and not have Brain of Cthulu Despawn cuz I'm SOOOO lucky!

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  • DiagnosticLord

    Earth Lord

    July 21, 2018 by DiagnosticLord

    The Earth Lord is a War Mode Post-Sharpener boss in Terraria. Earth Lord is a War Mode, eerie version of Moon Lord but more powerful and extremely challenging!! Earth Lord has 2 portals, 2 hands, 5 eyes, a mouth, and a core.

    / (total) |attack = Varies per part |defense = Varies per part |inflicts = Earth Bite |immune to = All |drops = Proper data and information is found on the fan ideas wiki. }} The Earth Lord behaves exactly like Moon Lord, but faster, stronger and more challenging!! Earth Lord has an additional attack, which is shooting Earth Lasers. The rest of the attacks deal very high damage!!


    All the data, alot more info, more content, and proper information are found here: [1] NOTE: This is a FAN IDEA!

    • This idea is said to be popular …

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  • Cake bfb

    what is going on

    June 25, 2018 by Cake bfb

    im so confused eny ways 

    i love teeraira i beat 2 bosses the king slime*** and the eye of cuthlu* next ill beat the eater of all worlds** im playing a base for it but i keep getting killed my the davores*

    • =bad gramer
      • = i may beat the barin of cuthlu* first tho
        • =my sister helped me way to much
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  • Match is the best

    Thanks you idiots you banded my brother from chat witch is awesome the best part is he did nothing thanks you little idiots and thank so to RenzXVI

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  • Terraian77

    Add Me On PS3/PS4!

    June 20, 2018 by Terraian77

    Add My Username: KwaiiHonar-- And Message me;'Terraia Is The Best Game!' And I'll Add You.

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  • Deter2

    Pumpkins! the new wood

    April 17, 2018 by Deter2

    pumpkins are the new building material. wood is easy to obtain, but then you run out. a pumpkin is planted faster than trees and can make homes like wood. the only down side for building is you need a workbench to craft everything. you can even farm the pumpkin moon for some items with it. a easy way to plant anything is

    1. staff of regrowth (or seeds)
    2. get a dirt bridge (any size over 20 blocks)
    3. use a staff of regrowth to place grass, or seeds if you couldn't get it
    4. plant pumpkins or trees

    it can be used to craft some armor which has the trade off of 7 defense but extra 10% extra melee damage. can be used for people who have dodging skills.

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  • KR1570 YT

    Ok, you might notice that I'm not active for a while, maybe like a few weeks. I'm sorry, but I'm actually starting to upload another 1.3 Expert Mode Terraria playthrough on Youtube. Yeah, tbh my Youtube Channel isn't active for a while also, actually for about 2 months since I uploaded the last videos. But I just started to do it from last week. So, if you're interested, be sure to check my Youtube Channel and watch it. I think it's better to do my playthroughs on Youtube because you can actually see, how do I play it.

    Oh, by the way, should I stop making blogs here and continue my playthroughs on Youtube, or should I continue making blogs here?

    Here's the link for those who want to check my Youtube Channel:…

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  • MrJahanGuy

    Boss Strategies

    April 5, 2018 by MrJahanGuy

    I made this blog so I can show new players my strategies on how to defeat these bosses. So if you are struggling to defeat any Terraria boss, then you can come visit my blog :)

    Before we begin, some players may not know what bosses exactly are. Bosses are normal enemies that prove to be far more difficult. Some bosses may just be stronger, tougher, retextured, and bigger versions of enemies. Some might have unique and complex attack patterns that most normal enemies do not possess (Since most enemy attacks are just simple).  While some may require you to do specific activities in order to trigger damage to it. To summarize, bosses are hard enemies that prove to be a hard challenge to players, especially new ones. And in Terraria's case, bo…

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  • KR1570 YT

    First, to be honest guys, being a summoner feels good. It's like you don't need to do anything, just let your minions do the job and you just have to move, heal or dodge. But, the negative is that you have the lowest defense of all classes. So, you will need to heal to the nurse/healing potions more frequently.

    Anyways, not as I was expecting, the Mechanical Bosses were actually "pretty" easy. The first one was the Twins because I had to craft the Optic Staff. It took me 2nd try to defeat the Twins. It was actually the Nurse's fault (Or mine, because I'm not to good at dodging), because she didn't heal herself when she's in low health. And finally, with one burst of Cursed Flames, the Nurse died and a few seconds later, I died XD

    The hardest…

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  • KR1570 YT

    Ok, first, I didn't believe I could make my world into hardmode. But, actually WoF is easy even though only your minions are doing the job. I died in the middle of the battle though, but since my Summoner's School world is Medium, luckily there's still much space left. So I went back and defeated it. Once my world is Hardmode, I'm not gonna break those Crimson Altars. Why? Because I don't need those "Strong" stuffs. I just need the Spider Armor to survive the early hardmode.

    I went to the Spider Nest and farm Black Recluses. They're so stupid that they jump from a high space to the lava, repeatedly until they die. Idk why but it's hilarious seeing those stupid Black Recluses. Farming them took a while, I put some water candles to make the s…

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