• JjStAr992

    This is a complete guide on creating a tShock Terraria Server for all your multiplayer (and cheating) needs.

    There are a few reasons you'd want to do this. Listed are some of the reasons.

    • You can use plugins like WorldEdit to get a building done REALLY fast
    • You can cheat in items using the /i command for when you need something
    • If you make this a dedicated server, you can play with your friends

    Go to the tShock Website and navigate to the Download section. Grab the latest release on the GitHub repo. Extract the archive to somewhere you can find it (eg. your desktop).

    Run the TerrariaServer.exe file. Pick a word to load on the server. You can make a new world by typing "N". Otherwise, type the number next to the world to load and hit Enter. Pick …

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  • Latias1290

    Plant-friendly clock

    August 24, 2013 by Latias1290

    Hi guys. I have made a plant-friendly clock for those who dont have access to enough materials to make a grandfather clock.

    You will need:

    • A furnace(which requires 14 wood or 4 wood and a workbench, 3 torches and 20 stone block to make)
    • 12 clay blocks(or 6 if you skip a seed)
    • 1 Daybloom seed
    • 1 Moonglow seed

    Note that you can skip one of either 2 seeds, but I like to have both :P

    Here are some + and - points about this:

    + You can see if it is day or night without having to walk all the way to it.

    - You will need to make a dangerous tour through the jungle at night if you want moonglow. Note that you can skip one of the 2 seeds if you want. If you are playing a new character, I recommend skipping the moonglow. If you are making this for the aesthetic…

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  • Spawned18


    Duplicating will make the game a lot less fun, I suggest to do it at your own caution.

    You have been warned.

    To start you will need:

    • An account with Xbox Live
    • A friend with Xbox Live
    • The items you wish to duplicate
    • Auto-save disabled
    1. Join the friend's game and save and exit to the menu.
    2. Join back and put the items you wish to duplicate into a chest, then exit to the menu WITHOUT saving.
    3. Join back again and check the chest, you should now have double the items. 

    Albeit more difficult, you need:

    • A storage device other than the one you use now (cloud is fine)
    1. Put all the stuff you want to duplicate into a chest in any world you have.
    2. Save and exit…

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  • Svawesome29

    There are many ways to get the arms dealer in Terraria. The ways are the same in both consoles and the PC version. To get the arms dealer a player character must have a gun in their inventory at some point in time in that specific world. To get a gun (If you do not have a way to get one from a friend) you need to go to the corrupted area. In each hole the the corrupted area has you can usually find an orb that when smashed with a hammer will either drop a Musket or a magical item. Keep in mind every 3 orbs you smash summons an eater of worlds.

    The only way to mine the ebonstone in the corrupted area is with any mining tool stronger than the golden pickaxe. (nightmare pickaxe, molten pickaxe, cobalt drill, etc.) If you find the orb is covere…

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  • Spawned18

    Welcome to my Achievement Guide for the Console Edition of TERRARIA!! I will be updating this as I get better information or come up with new and better ideas. With that being said, LET IT BEGIN.

    There are 30 Achievements for a total of 400 Gamerscore to be obtained. 

    This Achievement is earned when the Guide first moves into a house. First build a house at least 6 blocks high and 10 blocks wide. Place some torches inside to light up the interior, and craft a table, (a workbench will do) and a chair. Depending on the size of your house you may need more or less wooden walls to fill in the back wall of your house; for a 6x10 house you will need 40 wooden walls to completely fill in the background wall. After you have made the house, simply mo…

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  • Mathmagician

    Hey, since Reborn Mod came out today (I live in the US, where it's still March 10th), I wanted to put up a written guide on how to install it for you guys. Please check out the Terraria Online thread affiliated with the mod team and I probably can't help you with any bugs or other issues.

    1. If all your characters and worlds are gone (you don't see them in the in-game menu), it's because you didn't copy over your world and player files in Step 6.
    2. If you get to Step 7 and the Game Launcher repeatedly gives you the error message "Launch the game through your Steam client." -- it's probably because you aren't running Steam from your administrator account, as mentioned in Step 1.

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  • Rtiger

    New player progression guide

    February 8, 2012 by Rtiger

    Welcome to Terraria. If you are brand new to the game, and feeling a bit lost, here is a bit of a guide to get you through the first part of the game. To get the most out of Terraria, you need to take the game in steps.

    Step 1) The first day.

    On your first day, you have a number of goals you want to get done before the sun sets. These are:

    1) Gather wood. About 200 wood is a good number. Use your copper axe to chop down trees for Wood and Acorns

    2) Kill a slime. Slimes drop Gel, and you will need that for

    3) Craft some Torches, and a Work Bench. You can craft items from your inventory page.

    4) Build a House. To make a house, it needs to be large enough. At minimum, either 8x4 or 7x5, surrounded by walls, and with backwalls. Your first house is p…

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  • Mathmagician

    Statue Hunting 102

    January 7, 2012 by Mathmagician

    Welcome one, welcome all to Terraria University, where we occasionally learn how to do cool stuff. Today's course is called Statue Hunting 102. If you missed Statue Hunting 101, don't worry, you didn't miss much. In 101, all that really happened was some random spelunking. Anyways, for 102 we'll be looking at some more efficient ways to find Statues in Terraria. In particular, we're going to be combing Dungeons, since they typically contain a handful of statues. For this walkthrough, you should have previous single-player experience killing Skeletron and exploring dungeons. If you don't, then this walkthrough is not for you.

    • Gold Watch or GPS to tell the time.
    • Cobalt Shield or Obsidian Shield, so that you don't take knockback.
    • Wings, Spectre …

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  • Mathmagician

    Since someone requested a Wyvern walkthrough, I thought I'd put one together. This won't be a terribly elaborate guide and it certainly won't cover all of the various strategies that can be found over on the Wyvern page. It will, however, hopefully lay out some good guidelines to follow when fighting the Wyvern for the first time.

    For fighting the Wyvern, I'm going to be using the Crystal Storm spell. It's one of the top-tier weapons in the game and is fairly easy to obtain after defeating the Wall of Flesh, although collecting Souls of Light can be a bit annoying. There are many items which can be used to power up Crystal Storm, but all I'm really going to be taking advantage of in this walkthrough is the Deadly prefix on Crystal Storm, th…

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  • Mathmagician

    Hard Mode Farming

    December 27, 2011 by Mathmagician

    Hey everyone, Mathmagician back again with another little Hard Mode guide. This time I'm just going to talk about a few farming tricks that might help you to progress through Hard Mode in patch 1.1 and 1.1.1. I may be updating this blog post in the future.

    One of the simplest, fastest, legitimate (non-cheating/hacking/modding) ways to farm money is to use the Fish Statue. The Fish Statue spawns Goldfish (up to 3 at a time) when connected to a Pressure Plate, Timer, Switch, or Lever with Wire. Each goldfish (mob) drops a single goldfish (item) upon death, and this item sells for 2 silver. With the right set up, this can be exploited to gain vast sums of money, which can be very helpful for purchasing items in Hard Mode or doing lots of Refor…

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