• Mathmagician

    Hey everyone! Mathmagician back again with another single-player walkthrough. This time I'm going to show you a simple strategy that works against every single Hard Mode boss. No, I'm not going to be using Gravitation Potions and flying around like a madman. No, I'm not going to be using Hallowed Armor, the Magical Harp or any other gear that you can't get without first beating one of the bosses. And, in fact, I'm going to take them on all at the same time (but you don't necessarily have to). The strategy I'm going to be using is not a quick-and-dirty one, however. Time and effort must be invested upfront in making certain preparations.

    I'm going to need a powerful weapon if I want to kill the bosses before dawn. One particularly good optio…

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  • Mathmagician

    Wall of Flesh Solo Guide

    December 18, 2011 by Mathmagician

    Hey everyone, Mathmagician here with a simple walkthrough on defeating the Wall of Flesh without the help of any friends or any Hard Mode gear. This guide is geared towards casual gamers, and demonstrates what I believe is the safest way to approach this boss the very first time you fight him. Of course, this isn't the very first time I've fought him. But I will attempt to approach it as if it was.

    The Wall of Flesh is essentially a huge vertical wall that travels in one direction across hell, pushing the player backwards and forcing an on-the-run type of battle. Because of this, the key concept in this battle is going to be horizontal movement.

    Since hell is rather uneven, yet the best terrain for horizontal movement is a flat surface, it s…

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  • LumpZ

    My Starter Guide

    November 20, 2011 by LumpZ


    A/D = Move left or right

    Spacebar = Jump

    Number keys = Selecting items in the Hotbar

    Escape = Opens your Inventory and crafting menu, and allows you to "Save and Exit"

    Left Click = Selecting items in the Hotbar / Use items

    Right Click = Open/closes doors and chests your cursor is hovering over, allows multiple amounts of an object to be crafted /selects one object in a stack of items in your inventory y

    Scroll = Scrolls between items in your Hotbar

    Shift-Click = Deletes items your cursor is hovering over in your inventory

    H = Uses the first healing item in your inventory

    M = Uses the first mana healing item in your inventory


    Pickaxesare used to mine blocks such as dirt and stone .

    Axes are used to chop down trees and mushroom trees .

    Hammers are used…

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  • Lolza100

    Hello this is going to be my guide for new players to terraria hope you enjoy =]

    Once you make a world of small,medium or large you will start with a copper pickaxe,shortsword and axe

    oh yes one thing THIS IS NOTHING LIKE MINECRAFT anyway... use the pickaxe to dig dirt,stone,iron,silver,gold etc theres no shovel for dirt anyway with the axe cut some trees nearby cut from the bottom this makes all the wood fall down.It is not recommended to plant the acorns to grow trees but you can if you want,use the pickaxe to find any ores you may find such as copper and iron these are the most common,if you find gold your in luck build upwards and you will find yourself a floating island although... you need a golden key from dungeons which is a mid-high…

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  • Rtyh-12

    Terraria: Starter's Guide

    October 24, 2011 by Rtyh-12

    Note: I know there are quite a lot of other guides, but I thought I'd give it a go and try to explain this myself as well. I'll try to write this as for myself when I was still new. So, let's start...

    Quick description

    Terraria is a game about building, exploring and fighting, but it is more than that. Here you can do pretty much anything you want. You'll need to try it out yourself to realize why it's so much fun!

    The guide

    The first time you'll start up Terraria, you'll be greeted by the main menu, see the picure to the right. You'll likely want to start out in Single Player, so choose it. Or, if you want to play with friends, choose Multiplayer (I don't recommend playing with strangers at first because most people will be more advanced than …

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  • Isakiti

    To find copper.

    October 18, 2011 by Isakiti

    Sometimes for new players it can be hard to find ores because they haven´t done things right. But that time is over with this new guide. The ore´s will most of the time be copper.

    You see. it´s actually quite easy.

    Just make a LARGE server make a house for the guide to live in, and then you go 50 feet in both direction´s.

    If you haven´t found any ore´s yet then go down to one of the grotto´s that you have surely found on you´re way.

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  • Isakiti

    Money farming

    October 17, 2011 by Isakiti

    -You have to have reached 150 hp.

    -You gotta have a weapon that can give 20 dmg with a speed of medium fast.

    -You gotta have 10 armor.

    You make a small world and make a shelter for the guide and make 10 torches.Then you find the corruption, and make a shelter where from you open you`re door and kill every monster coming.

    When you have done that for a (ingame) day you will have obtained 25-125 silver depending on how effective you have been.

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  • Flato

    Surviving First day

    October 10, 2011 by Flato

    Hey people im going to tell you people how to survive your first day on (terraria)

    The First thing you spawn with is a copper pickaxe and a copper axe. The pickaxe allows you to mine pretty much anyhting like dirt,mud,stone,gold,silver,and various types of jewels. The axe pretty much explains itself. The axe is used to chop down trees and remove placed wood. The keypad has 40 spaces where you can place anything but make sure it dosen't get full because you might have to throw something away. you can change options on home menu at settings and change pretty much anything. The thing you want to do is find trees and cut them down for a starter. Then get enough wood and find a spot you are comfortable at and start building the house with wood. …

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  • Deathrush360

    Terraria basic help

    October 5, 2011 by Deathrush360

    ok so whe you first start terraria you will spawn somwhere in the middle of the world and have wooden weopns to get you started the guide will spawn near you at the beginning if you want him around build a house and i has to be 6 blocks high and 7 blocks wide and have a full wall in the back and a bed is not nessisary for the npc but you will need a table a chair and a light suource of any kind cheaply would be a torch and more expensivly the hell forge which is in the under world. thats my tip for the day so bye and remember lava is bad. after building your home should be to create a better pickaxe as you will be using it a LOT, go into the world and mine the next tier of pickaxe(you should start with copper so the next level is Iron). I…

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  • LukeT

    Luke's Intermediate Guide

    October 4, 2011 by LukeT

    Terraria is a complex game with many layers and options; as such it is sometimes hard to know what one should do or how to further progress in the game. This guide is targeted towards people who have the basics covered by the starter guide down but who are looking for more direction in what to do.

    When starting the intermediate mode of the game you should already have most of these items, and I'll be assuming that you have already acquired most, if not all of these:

    • Silver Tier Equipment
    • A Ranged Weapon
    • Grappling Hook
    • About 200 Health
    • Optional cool items like: Hermes Boots, Cloud in a Bottle, Magic Mirror and more.

    Having mostly Silver Armor is a good decision when dealing with challenges that come up in mid-tier play. The monsters do higher amou…

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