• Shadow Wolf TJC

    Since Gracey91 decided to delete the old page titled Necessary Items, since he thought that it should've been a blog post (I kinda agree with him), I've decided to create this blog in its place. Hopefully, it's more balanced out than the older page (though I may add my personal thoughts here and there). (By the way, I'm adding this blog to the Guides category for the time being.)

    This page is about items that players are advised to bring along, no matter what task they're doing (whether it's exploring outside, raiding the Dungeon, or building a hellevator). However, this is only a guide, and some players may find that this is completely wrong for them. For example, a caster style player may find a gun or bow irrelevant and a melee weapon us…

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  • Gracey91

    The 5 Planes of Terraria

    Plane # 1 --

    This plane contains the sun, moon, sky, clouds, and stars. It is the background of the game and cannot be interacted with. The movement of objects in the plane are affected by your parallax setting.

    Plane # 2 --

    This is the plane with the background walls in it that your character can pass over. you can place and destroy things on the plane but other than monster spawning and aesthetics they do not effect anything.

    Plane # 3 --

    This is the plane where all objects that can be passed through, are in front of walls, but can be interacted with lie.

    IE- Work Bench, Chest, Tree, Vine, Furnace, Torch, Chain Lantern, Book, Pot, Open Door, Candle, Chair, Any plant except for Man Eaters and the spiky ones that hurt you. (…

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