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Bloody Machete
  • Bloody Machete item sprite
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Damage15 (Melee)
Knockback5 (Average)
Critical chance4%
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 2
Research1 required
Projectile created
  • Bloody Machete
    Bloody Machete
Halloween-Only Content
Halloween-Only Content
The content described on this page will only appear during the Halloween event.

The Bloody Machete falling after reaching its maximum range and returning after hitting a wall.

The Bloody Machete is a rare and unique boomerang-type weapon that can drop only during the Halloween seasonal event. When thrown, as it falls downward after reaching a maximum range, and returns to the thrower upon impacting a block or enemy. Its physics are similar to the Magic Dagger, but it must return to the player before being thrown again.

Its best modifier is Godly or Demonic. Both modifiers increase the average damage output by the same amount.

How to obtain[]

The Bloody Machete has a 0.05*1/2000 (0.05%) chance of being dropped by any weak enemy during the Halloween seasonal event. Weak enemies are enemies with less than 20 defense, 40 damage and up to 5 of loot. These will be mostly pre hardmode enemies. When playing in expert mode all enemies are much stronger and therefore these conditions limit the amount of enemies that can drop the Bloody Machete and Bladed Glove to just a couple, especially during hardmode. See the table below for clarification.

Weak enemies in Expert Mode (
Always Only before Hardmode Only during Hardmode

Misassembled SkeletonMisassembled Skeleton
Astronaut SkeletonAstronaut Skeleton
Martian ProbeMartian Probe
Servant of CthulhuServant of Cthulhu

Umbrella SlimeUmbrella Slime
Ice SlimeIce Slime
Spiked Ice SlimeSpiked Ice Slime
Sand SlimeSand Slime
Lava SlimeLava Slime
Spiked SlimeSpiked Slime
Cave BatCave Bat
Ice BatIce Bat
Demon EyeDemon Eye
Cataract EyeCataract Eye
Dilated EyeDilated Eye
Sleepy EyeSleepy Eye
Purple EyePurple Eye
Owl EyeOwl Eye
Little EaterLittle Eater
Bald ZombieBald Zombie
Pincushion ZombiePincushion Zombie
Slimed ZombieSlimed Zombie
Twiggy ZombieTwiggy Zombie
Female ZombieFemale Zombie
Swamp ZombieSwamp Zombie
Raincoat ZombieRaincoat Zombie
Frozen ZombieFrozen Zombie
Superhero ZombieSuperhero Zombie
Pixie ZombiePixie Zombie
Giant ShellyGiant Shelly
Flying FishFlying Fish
Goblin PeonGoblin Peon

Mother SlimeMother Slime
Headache SkeletonHeadache Skeleton
Pantless SkeletonPantless Skeleton
Martian SkeletonMartian Skeleton
Blood ZombieBlood Zombie
Goblin ScoutGoblin Scout
Undead MinerUndead Miner
Goblin ThiefGoblin Thief


  • At the correct angle, its maximum horizontal range is 46 feet, or 23 tiles.


  • To farm this item, it is recommended to be in a Blood Moon with a Water Candle while using any kind of minions. Build a box and get in. Spawn your minion of choice outside the box. They will kill any enemies coming close and eventually one will drop the item. This might take some time, and if the Blood Moon is completed without the item in your inventory, you have to wait for another Blood Moon.
  • If you have a standard wooden platform arena, a Bee Gun and a Water Candle, place the candle on a wooden platform, and use the Bee Gun as much as possible during a Blood Moon with the Hive Pack. This will increase the chance for any drops.
  • It lasts exactly 60 seconds after being thrown.


  • This is the iconic weapon of Jason Voorhees, the hockey-mask-wearing serial killer from the American horror film series Friday the 13th. However, Jason mostly uses it in melee combat, whereas in Terraria, the machete is thrown.


  • Desktop Fixed an oversight in Halloween drop rates based on HP that caused Bladed Glove and Bloody Machete to be too rare in Expert