The Blowpipe is a ranged weapon that uses Seeds or Poison Darts for ammo. The Blowpipe allows the collection of seeds by destroying grass. The seeds collected cannot be planted. It is commonly found in Chests near or on the surface. Projectiles fired by the Blowpipe are heavily affected by gravity.
Terraria Blowpipe and Jungle tier item review!

Terraria Blowpipe and Jungle tier item review!


  • The Blowpipe, when used with seeds, is an early game item that becomes obsolete when the player obtains a Gun or a decent Bow. However, with Poison Darts, its damage is approximately doubled.
  • It is recommended to replace this item with the Blowgun once Queen Bee has been defeated and the Witch Doctor NPC moves in. 
  • Seeds are only obtainable as long as the player has a Blowpipe in their inventory.
    • If at least one of the players on a server has a Blowpipe or Blowgun in their inventory, Seeds will drop for all players.

Update Info


  • Now correctly listed as ranged.


  • Added to the game.

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