Bone Lee is a Hard Mode mob that spawns anywhere in the Dungeon after Plantera has been defeated. It moves at an insanely fast speed; so fast that the Bone Lee may appear to be flying as it ramps off the many slopes and small protrusions the dungeon is prone to generate. It has incredible knockback resistance and deals an enormous amount of damage. Extreme caution is advised when a Bone Lee is spotted.


A good method to killing him is to use a Grappling Hook and grab onto the ceiling, then use ranged/magic weapons to kill him. Although, staying in one spot may be hazardous as this creature's incredible speed and increased jump height can give the illusion of flight. The Bone Lee is also often accompanied with a myriad of other hard mode skeletons. Often it makes itself the highest priority target by rushing past all of its skeleton cohorts and booting you in the face.
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Bone Lee in dungeon

Ranged/magic attacks or thrown melee weapons with high damage output are still recommended, as if he catches you, he can put you down or bring you very close to death where you are in danger of being finished off by the other more common varieties of skeletons.

If he speeds up to you to attack, just jump/fly/grapple out of the way and use ranged or magic weapons to attack him.

Two Bone Lees

Two Bone Lees in the dungeon


  • Bone Lee sometimes spawns without you having killed Plantera. (Unconfirmed)


  • Bone Lee's name is a reference to Bruce Lee, a professional martial artist famed for his ability to defeat almost anyone.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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