The Bone Serpent is one of the burrowing monsters, capable of moving through blocks, and it can be found in The Underworld. It is the strongest of the non-boss enemies before defeating the Wall of Flesh. It is also equal in health with the Digger. In order to kill a Bone Serpent, you need to destroy at least one section. The tail can be "killed" without killing the rest of the Bone Serpent. This is very similar to The Destroyer.

The Bone Serpent is, like all burrowing enemies, immune to lava. Each section of a Bone Serpent will drop loot, but as they are usually defeated by destroying one segment of their bodies they tend to drop only one item. Applying large damage to multiple body sections at once with Dynamite will result in loot from every body section. This can drastically increase the loot gained from Bone Serpents.


  • When digging to the bottom of a map in the Underworld, there is a chance that, while standing near the bottom, the Bone Serpent will tunnel off the map and disappear.
  • The Bone Serpent is visible when inside pitch-black areas, as if it is a cave or an unlit area.
  • If you're having trouble surviving a fight with a Bone Serpent, you can use a Grappling Hook on a high ceiling and it will not be able to reach you, where you can leisurely shoot at it with ranged weapons.
  • Bone Serpents can spawn if you are not directly in the Underworld, but very close to it.
    • They can also dig straight up through a hellevator, if they so wish to do so, and invade your house.
  • It is possible to lure a Bone Serpent out of the Underworld and all the way to the Surface.
  • A quick and easy method of dispatching a Bone Serpent is using the Demon Scythe spell. Simply wait for it to attack, dodge and quickly deploy multiple scythes. It should deal a large amount of damage and even kill it.
  • One good way to attack the Bone Serpents is to use a Spear weapon such as the Dark Lance which has a long reach. A stab and back-stab from a Dark Lance is enough if used correctly.
  • A useful weapon against the bone serpent is the Vilethorn (or any piercing Weapon, for example, flails or spears). The vilethorn can deal significant damage even when it is below you. Another way is to use the vilethorn with a Hunter Potion so you can see it at all times. You could also wait for him to (re)appear and throw a flail right through him, which also inflicts massive damage.
  • The Space Gun's good base damage and the ability to penetrate 2 enemies (hitting a total of 3) could quickly destroy the Bone Serpent.


  • It has been found that instead of disappearing, the Bone Serpent will frequently die off-screen without any player interference.
  • Like all worms, the Bone Serpents spawn curled up in a ball.
  • Formerly, it will drop Sunfury, the most powerful pre-hardmode flail. However it's now found in locked Shadow Chests.


  • In multiplayer, it is possible for the bone serpent to spawn in mid-air while onscreen. It is also capable of staying alive with only a head, and can use the head of another monster.



  • Now has a new death sound, no longer drops Sunfury, and its hit-box has been fixed.

PC release

  • Added to the game.


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