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Bottle (crafting station)
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Not to be confused with Alchemy Table.

The Placed Bottle functions as a crafting station for potions.

Any of the following will function as this crafting station, as long as they are placed on a flat item of furniture: Any Platform, Table, Dresser, Work Bench, Bookcase, Piano, Fireplace, or the Tinkerer's Workshop.

The Alchemy Table from the Dungeon also crafts potions, but has improved functionality as it also offers a 33.33*1/3 (33.33%) chance of not consuming a particular crafting ingredient.


Used to craft[]

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  • Where a Placed Bottle is required for crafting, the Guide will list the required crafting station as "Bottle".
  • Lesser Healing and Mana Potions placed as crafting stations are spawned at world generation, and are not place-able by the player.


  • While the Alchemy Table is more resource-efficient to use, the Placed Bottle is easier to obtain.


  • Mobile 1.2.12773: Fixed a bug where it had the wrong image in the crafting menu.