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Bottomless Water Bucket
  • Bottomless Water Bucket item sprite
Stack digit 1.png
Bonus+2 range
Use time12 (Very fast)
TooltipContains an endless amount of water
Can be poured out
RarityRarity level: 7
Research1 required

The Bottomless Water Bucket in use.

The Bottomless Water Bucket is an item that functions similarly to the standard Water Bucket, the only differences being that it never needs refilling (and cannot be filled), it can be used an infinite number of times, has a slightly extended range, and can place water slightly faster than a standard bucket (especially when moving the cursor around while filling). It is one of the possible rewards from the Angler upon completing one of his fishing quests in Hardmode, with a 1.43*1/70 (1.43%) chance per quest after the 10th quest.


  • Due to its infinite use ability, the player can easily use this item to create artificial lakes much more quickly for fishing, to turn lava into Obsidian, or to refill the Ocean. Note that any water produced in The Underworld still evaporates as usual.
  • If the player has a Flipper or a similar item equipped, the Bottomless Water Bucket can be used to swim upward infinitely by placing water over their head. This is useful for reaching Floating Islands, but it can add a lot of excess water to the surface.
    • The same trick works with Water Walking Boots, by placing water under the player and jumping continuously.
  • The Bottomless Water Bucket can be used to trigger Cute Fishron's ability by pouring water over oneself (the water must touch the player, not Cute Fishron), providing a speed buff (up to 82 mph, although once the player exits the water it will be reduced to 66 mph, persisting for six seconds) as well as a 15% damage buff.
  • If combined with the Bottomless Lava Bucket, the player can create an endless amount of obsidian.
  • If paired with the Water Walking Boots and any Wings, it can provide infinite flight pre-Plantera.

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