The Bubble Gun is a drop from Duke Fishron. It is a magic weapon that will shoot out bursts of bubbles (three per use) that will pop after traveling a short distance. It excels in mowing down hordes of monsters at close-range due to this property.
Terraria 1.2.4

Terraria New Weapon - Bubble Gun!


  • Like many of Duke Fishron's drops, it imitates one of his attacks, namely his Detonating Bubbles.
  • The Bubble Gun cannot have the Mythical prefix, thus making Godly(for damage and knockback increase) or Masterful(for moderate damage increase and lower mana cost), the best possible prefixes.
  • This weapon can be an effective choice for healer-type players in multiplayer, if used while wearing Spectre Armor and fired into crowds of monsters, healing upwards of 80 health per second. (Needs verification)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.