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This page lists the IDs of buffs and debuffs in Terraria.

ID Image Name Internal name Type
1 Obsidian Skin Obsidian Skin ObsidianSkin Buff
2 Regeneration Regeneration Regeneration Buff
3 Swiftness Swiftness Swiftness Buff
4 Gills Gills Gills Buff
5 Ironskin Ironskin Ironskin Buff
6 Mana Regeneration Mana Regeneration ManaRegeneration Buff
7 Magic Power Magic Power MagicPower Buff
8 Featherfall Featherfall Featherfall Buff
9 Spelunker Spelunker Spelunker Buff
10 Invisibility Invisibility Invisibility Buff
11 Shine Shine Shine Buff
12 Night Owl Night Owl NightOwl Buff
13 Battle Battle Battle Buff
14 Thorns Thorns Thorns Buff
15 Water Walking Water Walking WaterWalking Buff
16 Archery Archery Archery Buff
17 Hunter Hunter Hunter Buff
18 Gravitation Gravitation Gravitation Buff
19 Shadow Orb Shadow Orb ShadowOrb Buff
20 Poisoned Poisoned Poisoned Debuff
21 Potion Sickness Potion Sickness PotionSickness Debuff
22 Darkness Darkness Darkness Debuff
23 Cursed Cursed Cursed Debuff
24 On Fire! On Fire! OnFire Debuff
25 Tipsy Tipsy Tipsy Debuff
26 Well Fed Well Fed WellFed Buff
27 Fairy Fairy (Blue) FairyBlue Buff
28 Werewolf Werewolf Werewolf Buff
29 Clairvoyance Clairvoyance Clairvoyance Buff
30 Bleeding Bleeding Bleeding Debuff
31 Confused Confused Confused Debuff
32 Slow Slow Slow Debuff
33 Weak Weak Weak Debuff
34 Merfolk Merfolk Merfolk Buff
35 Silenced Silenced Silenced Debuff
36 Broken Armor Broken Armor BrokenArmor Debuff
37 Horrified Horrified Horrified Debuff
38 The Tongue The Tongue TheTongue Debuff
39 Cursed Inferno Cursed Inferno CursedInferno Debuff
40 Pet Bunny Pet BunnyDesktop and Mobile versions PetBunny Buff
41 Baby Penguin Baby Penguin BabyPenguin Buff
42 Pet Turtle Pet Turtle PetTurtle Buff
43 Paladin's Shield Paladin's Shield PaladinsShield Buff
44 Frostburn Frostburn Frostburn Debuff
45 Baby Eater Baby Eater BabyEater Buff
46 Chilled Chilled Chilled Debuff
47 Frozen Frozen Frozen Debuff
48 Honey Honey Honey Buff
49 Pygmies Pygmies Pygmies Buff
50 Baby Skeletron Head Baby Skeletron Head BabySkeletronHead Buff
51 Baby Hornet Baby Hornet BabyHornet Buff
52 Tiki Spirit Tiki Spirit TikiSpirit Buff
53 Pet Lizard Pet Lizard PetLizard Buff
54 Pet Parrot Pet Parrot PetParrot Buff
55 Baby Truffle Baby Truffle BabyTruffle Buff
56 Pet Sapling Pet Sapling PetSapling Buff
57 Wisp Wisp Wisp Buff
58 Rapid Healing Rapid Healing RapidHealing Buff
59 Holy Protection Holy ProtectionDesktop and Mobile versions ShadowDodge Buff
60 Leaf Crystal Leaf Crystal LeafCrystal Buff
61 Baby Dinosaur Baby Dinosaur BabyDinosaur Buff
62 Ice Barrier Ice Barrier IceBarrier Buff
63 Panic! Panic! Panic Buff
64 Baby Slime Baby Slime BabySlime Buff
65 Eyeball Spring Eyeball Spring EyeballSpring Buff
66 Baby Snowman Baby Snowman BabySnowman Buff
67 Burning Burning Burning Debuff
68 Suffocation Suffocation Suffocation Debuff
69 Ichor Ichor Ichor Debuff
70 Acid Venom Acid Venom Venom Debuff
71 Weapon Imbue: Acid Venom Weapon Imbue: Acid Venom WeaponImbueVenom Buff
72 Midas Midas Midas Debuff
73 Weapon Imbue: Cursed Flames Weapon Imbue: Cursed Flames WeaponImbueCursedFlames Buff
74 Weapon Imbue: Fire Weapon Imbue: Fire WeaponImbueFire Buff
75 Weapon Imbue: Gold Weapon Imbue: Gold WeaponImbueGold Buff
76 Weapon Imbue: Ichor Weapon Imbue: Ichor WeaponImbueIchor Buff
77 Weapon Imbue: Nanites Weapon Imbue: Nanites WeaponImbueNanites Buff
78 Weapon Imbue: Confetti Weapon Imbue: Confetti WeaponImbueConfetti Buff
79 Weapon Imbue: Poison Weapon Imbue: Poison WeaponImbuePoison Buff
80 Blackout Blackout Blackout Debuff
81 Pet Spider Pet Spider PetSpider Buff
82 Squashling Squashling Squashling Buff
83 Ravens Ravens Ravens Buff
84 Black Cat Black Cat BlackCat Buff
85 Cursed Sapling Cursed Sapling CursedSapling Buff
86 Water Candle Water Candle WaterCandle Debuff
87 Cozy Fire Cozy Fire Campfire Buff
88 Chaos State Chaos State ChaosState Debuff
89 Heart Lamp Heart Lamp HeartLamp Buff
90 Rudolph Rudolph Rudolph Buff
91 Puppy PuppyDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions Puppy Buff
92 Baby Grinch Baby Grinch BabyGrinch Buff
93 Ammo Box Ammo BoxDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions AmmoBox Buff
94 Mana Sickness Mana SicknessDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions ManaSickness Debuff
95 Beetle Endurance Beetle Endurance (15%) BeetleEndurance1 Buff
96 Beetle Endurance Beetle Endurance (30%) BeetleEndurance2 Buff
97 Beetle Endurance Beetle Endurance (45%) BeetleEndurance3 Buff
98 Beetle Might Beetle Might (10%) BeetleMight1 Buff
99 Beetle Might Beetle Might (20%) BeetleMight2 Buff
100 Beetle Might Beetle Might (30%) BeetleMight3 Buff
101 Fairy Fairy (Red) FairyRed Buff
102 Fairy Fairy (Green) FairyGreen Buff
103 Wet WetDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions Wet Debuff
104 Mining MiningDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions Mining Buff
105 Heartreach Heartreach Heartreach Buff
106 Calm Calm Calm Buff
107 Builder BuilderDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions Builder Buff
108 Titan TitanDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions Titan Buff
109 Flipper Flipper Flipper Buff
110 Summoning Summoning Summoning Buff
111 Dangersense DangersenseDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions Dangersense Buff
112 Ammo Reservation Ammo Reservation AmmoReservation Buff
113 Lifeforce Lifeforce Lifeforce Buff
114 Endurance Endurance Endurance Buff
115 Rage Rage Rage Buff
116 Inferno Inferno Inferno Buff
117 Wrath Wrath Wrath Buff
118 Minecart Minecart (Left) MinecartLeft Buff
119 Lovestruck LovestruckDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions Lovestruck Debuff
120 Stinky Stinky Stinky Debuff
121 Fishing Fishing Fishing Buff
122 Sonar Sonar Sonar Buff
123 Crate Crate Crate Buff
124 Warmth WarmthDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions Warmth Buff
125 Hornet Hornet HornetMinion Buff
126 Imp ImpDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions ImpMinion Buff
127 Zephyr Fish Zephyr Fish ZephyrFish Buff
128 Bunny Mount Bunny MountDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions BunnyMount Buff
129 Pigron Mount Pigron MountDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions PigronMount Buff
130 Slime Mount Slime MountDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions SlimeMount Buff
131 Turtle Mount Turtle MountDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions TurtleMount Buff
132 Bee Mount Bee MountDesktop, Console, Old-gen console, and Mobile versions BeeMount Buff
133 Spider Spider SpiderMinion Buff
134 Twins Twins TwinEyesMinion Buff
135 Pirate Pirate PirateMinion Buff
136 Mini Minotaur Mini Minotaur MiniMinotaur Buff
137 Slime Slime Slimed Debuff
138 Minecart Minecart (Right) MinecartRight Buff
139 Sharknado Sharknado SharknadoMinion Buff
140 UFO UFODesktop, Console, and Mobile versions UFOMinion Buff
141 UFO Mount UFO MountDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions UFOMount Buff
142 Drill Mount Drill MountDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions DrillMount Buff
143 Scutlix Mount Scutlix MountDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions ScutlixMount Buff
144 Electrified ElectrifiedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Electrified Debuff
145 Moon Bite Moon BiteDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions MoonLeech Debuff
146 Happy! Happy!Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions Sunflower Buff
147 Banner Banner MonsterBanner Buff
148 Feral Bite Feral BiteDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Rabies Debuff
149 Webbed WebbedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Webbed Debuff
150 Bewitched BewitchedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Bewitched Buff
151 Life Drain Life DrainDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions SoulDrain Buff
152 Magic Lantern Magic LanternDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions MagicLantern Buff
153 Shadowflame ShadowflameDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions ShadowFlame Debuff
154 Baby Face Monster Baby Face MonsterDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions BabyFaceMonster Buff
155 Crimson Heart Crimson Heart CrimsonHeart Buff
156 Stoned StonedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Stoned Debuff
157 Peace Candle Peace CandleDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions PeaceCandle Buff
158 Star in a Bottle Star in a Bottle StarInBottle Buff
159 Sharpened SharpenedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Sharpened Buff
160 Dazed DazedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Dazed Debuff
161 Deadly Sphere Deadly SphereDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions DeadlySphere Buff
162 Unicorn Mount Unicorn MountDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions UnicornMount Buff
163 Obstructed ObstructedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Obstructed Debuff
164 Distorted DistortedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions VortexDebuff Debuff
165 Dryad's Blessing Dryad's BlessingDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions DryadsWard Buff
166 Minecart Minecart (Mechanical (Right)) MinecartRightMech Buff
167 Minecart Minecart (Mechanical (Left)) MinecartLeftMech Buff
168 Cute Fishron Mount Cute Fishron MountDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions CuteFishronMount Buff
169 Penetrated PenetratedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions BoneJavelin Debuff
170 Solar Blaze Solar Blaze (1 stack)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions SolarShield1 Buff
171 Solar Blaze Solar Blaze (2 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions SolarShield2 Buff
172 Solar Blaze Solar Blaze (3 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions SolarShield3 Buff
173 Life Nebula Life Nebula (1 stack)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpLife1 Buff
174 Life Nebula Life Nebula (2 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpLife2 Buff
175 Life Nebula Life Nebula (3 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpLife3 Buff
176 Mana Nebula Mana Nebula (1 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpMana1 Buff
177 Mana Nebula Mana Nebula (2 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpMana2 Buff
178 Mana Nebula Mana Nebula (3 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpMana3 Buff
179 Damage Nebula Damage Nebula (1 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpDmg1 Buff
180 Damage Nebula Damage Nebula (2 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpDmg2 Buff
181 Damage Nebula Damage Nebula (3 stacks)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions NebulaUpDmg3 Buff
182 Stardust Cell Stardust Cell (Stardust Minion)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions StardustMinion Buff
183 Celled Celled (unused)Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions StardustMinionBleed Debuff
184 Minecart Minecart (Wooden (Right)) MinecartLeftWood Buff
185 Minecart Minecart (Wooden (Left)) MinecartRightWood Buff
186 Dryad's Bane Dryad's BaneDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions DryadsWardDebuff Debuff
187 Stardust Guardian Stardust GuardianDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions StardustGuardianMinion Buff
188 Stardust Dragon Stardust DragonDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions StardustDragonMinion Buff
189 Daybroken DaybrokenDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Daybreak Debuff
190 Suspicious Looking Eye Suspicious Looking Eye SuspiciousTentacle Buff
191 Companion Cube Companion CubeDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions CompanionCube Buff
192 Sugar Rush Sugar RushDesktop and Mobile versions SugarRush Debuff
193 Basilisk Mount Basilisk MountDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions BasiliskMount Buff
194 Mighty Wind Mighty WindDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions WindPushed Debuff
195 Withered Armor Withered ArmorDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions WitheredArmor Debuff
196 Withered Weapon Withered WeaponDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions WitheredWeapon Debuff
197 Oozed OozedDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions OgreSpit Debuff
198 Striking Moment Striking MomentDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions ParryDamageBuff Buff
199 Creative Shock Creative ShockDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions NoBuilding Debuff
200 Propeller Gato Propeller GatoDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions PetDD2Gato Buff
201 Flickerwick FlickerwickDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions PetDD2Ghost Buff
202 Hoardagron HoardagronDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions PetDD2Dragon Buff
203 Betsy's Curse Betsy's CurseDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions BetsysCurse Debuff
204 Oiled OiledDesktop, Console, and Mobile versions Oiled Debuff
205 Ballista Panic! Ballista Panic!Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions BallistaPanic Buff
206 Plenty Satisfied Plenty SatisfiedDesktop and Mobile versions WellFed2 Buff
207 Exquisitely Stuffed Exquisitely StuffedDesktop and Mobile versions WellFed3 Buff
208 Minecart Minecart (Desert (Right)) DesertMinecartRight Buff
209 Minecart Minecart (Desert (Left)) DesertMinecartLeft Buff
210 Minecart Minecart (Minecarp (Right)) FishMinecartRight Buff
211 Minecart Minecart (Minecarp (Left)) FishMinecartLeft Buff
212 Golf Cart Golf CartDesktop and Mobile versions GolfCartMount Buff
213 Sanguine Bat Sanguine BatDesktop and Mobile versions BatOfLight Buff
214 Vampire Frog Vampire FrogDesktop and Mobile versions VampireFrog Buff
215 The Bast Defense The Bast DefenseDesktop and Mobile versions CatBast Buff
216 Baby Finch Baby FinchDesktop and Mobile versions BabyBird Buff
217 Estee EsteeDesktop and Mobile versions UpbeatStar Buff
218 Sugar Glider Sugar GliderDesktop and Mobile versions SugarGlider Buff
219 Shark Pup Shark PupDesktop and Mobile versions SharkPup Buff
220 Minecart Minecart (Bee (Right)) BeeMinecartRight Buff
221 Minecart Minecart (Bee (Left)) BeeMinecartLeft Buff
222 Minecart Minecart (Ladybug (Right)) LadybugMinecartRight Buff
223 Minecart Minecart (Ladybug (Left)) LadybugMinecartLeft Buff
224 Minecart Minecart (Pigron (Right)) PigronMinecartRight Buff
225 Minecart Minecart (Pigron (Left)) PigronMinecartLeft Buff
226 Minecart Minecart (Sunflower (Right)) SunflowerMinecartRight Buff
227 Minecart Minecart (Sunflower (Left)) SunflowerMinecartLeft Buff
228 Minecart Minecart (Demonic Hellcart (Right)) HellMinecartRight Buff
229 Minecart Minecart (Demonic Hellcart (Left)) HellMinecartLeft Buff
230 Witch's Broom Witch's BroomDesktop and Mobile versions WitchBroom Buff
231 Minecart Minecart (Shroom (Right)) ShroomMinecartRight Buff
232 Minecart Minecart (Shroom (Left)) ShroomMinecartLeft Buff
233 Minecart Minecart (Amethyst (Right)) AmethystMinecartRight Buff
234 Minecart Minecart (Amethyst (Left)) AmethystMinecartLeft Buff
235 Minecart Minecart (Topaz (Right)) TopazMinecartRight Buff
236 Minecart Minecart (Topaz (Left)) TopazMinecartLeft Buff
237 Minecart Minecart (Sapphire (Right)) SapphireMinecartRight Buff
238 Minecart Minecart (Sapphire (Left)) SapphireMinecartLeft Buff
239 Minecart Minecart (Emerald (Right)) EmeraldMinecartRight Buff
240 Minecart Minecart (Emerald (Left)) EmeraldMinecartLeft Buff
241 Minecart Minecart (Ruby (Right)) RubyMinecartRight Buff
242 Minecart Minecart (Ruby (Left)) RubyMinecartLeft Buff
243 Minecart Minecart (Diamond (Right)) DiamondMinecartRight Buff
244 Minecart Minecart (Diamond (Left)) DiamondMinecartLeft Buff
245 Minecart Minecart (Amber (Right)) AmberMinecartRight Buff
246 Minecart Minecart (Amber (Left)) AmberMinecartLeft Buff
247 Minecart Minecart (Beetle (Right)) BeetleMinecartRight Buff
248 Minecart Minecart (Beetle (Left)) BeetleMinecartLeft Buff
249 Minecart Minecart (Meowmere (Right)) MeowmereMinecartRight Buff
250 Minecart Minecart (Meowmere (Left)) MeowmereMinecartLeft Buff
251 Minecart Minecart (Party (Right)) PartyMinecartRight Buff
252 Minecart Minecart (Party (Left)) PartyMinecartLeft Buff
253 Minecart Minecart (The Dutchman (Right)) PirateMinecartRight Buff
254 Minecart Minecart (The Dutchman (Left)) PirateMinecartLeft Buff
255 Minecart Minecart (Steampunk (Right)) SteampunkMinecartRight Buff
256 Minecart Minecart (Steampunk (Left)) SteampunkMinecartLeft Buff
257 Lucky Lucky Lucky Buff
258 Lil' Harpy Lil' HarpyDesktop and Mobile versions LilHarpy Buff
259 Fennec Fox Fennec FoxDesktop and Mobile versions FennecFox Buff
260 Glittery Butterfly Glittery ButterflyDesktop and Mobile versions GlitteryButterfly Buff
261 Baby Imp Baby ImpDesktop and Mobile versions BabyImp Buff
262 Baby Red Panda Baby Red PandaDesktop and Mobile versions BabyRedPanda Buff
263 Desert Tiger Desert TigerDesktop and Mobile versions StormTiger Buff
264 Plantero PlanteroDesktop and Mobile versions Plantero Buff
265 Flamingo FlamingoDesktop and Mobile versions Flamingo Buff
266 Dynamite Kitten Dynamite KittenDesktop and Mobile versions DynamiteKitten Buff
267 Baby Werewolf Baby WerewolfDesktop and Mobile versions BabyWerewolf Buff
268 Shadow Mimic Shadow Mimic ShadowMimic Buff
269 Minecart Minecart (Coffin (Right)) CoffinMinecartRight Buff
270 Minecart Minecart (Coffin (Left)) CoffinMinecartLeft Buff
271 Enchanted Daggers Enchanted DaggersDesktop and Mobile versions Smolstar Buff
272 Digging Molecart Digging Molecart (Left)Desktop and Mobile versions DiggingMoleMinecartRight Buff
273 Digging Molecart Digging Molecart (Right)Desktop and Mobile versions DiggingMoleMinecartLeft Buff
274 Volt Bunny Volt BunnyDesktop and Mobile versions VoltBunny Buff
275 Painted Horse Mount Painted Horse MountDesktop and Mobile versions PaintedHorseMount Buff
276 Majestic Horse Mount Majestic Horse MountDesktop and Mobile versions MajesticHorseMount Buff
277 Dark Horse Mount Dark Horse MountDesktop and Mobile versions DarkHorseMount Buff
278 Pogo Stick Mount Pogo Stick MountDesktop and Mobile versions PogoStickMount Buff
279 Pirate Ship Mount Pirate Ship MountDesktop and Mobile versions PirateShipMount Buff
280 Tree Mount Tree MountDesktop and Mobile versions SpookyWoodMount Buff
281 Santank Mount Santank MountDesktop and Mobile versions SantankMount Buff
282 Goat Mount Goat MountDesktop and Mobile versions WallOfFleshGoatMount Buff
283 Book Mount Book MountDesktop version DarkMageBookMount Buff
284 Slime Prince Slime PrinceDesktop and Mobile versions KingSlimePet Buff
285 Suspicious Eye Suspicious EyeDesktop and Mobile versions EyeOfCthulhuPet Buff
286 Eater of Worms Eater of WormsDesktop and Mobile versions EaterOfWorldsPet Buff
287 Spider Brain Spider BrainDesktop and Mobile versions BrainOfCthulhuPet Buff
288 Skeletron Jr. Skeletron Jr.Desktop and Mobile versions SkeletronPet Buff
289 Honey Bee Honey BeeDesktop and Mobile versions QueenBeePet Buff
290 Destroyer-Lite Destroyer-LiteDesktop and Mobile versions DestroyerPet Buff
291 Rez and Spaz Rez and SpazDesktop and Mobile versions TwinsPet Buff
292 Mini Prime Mini PrimeDesktop and Mobile versions SkeletronPrimePet Buff
293 Plantera Seedling Plantera SeedlingDesktop and Mobile versions PlanteraPet Buff
294 Toy Golem Toy GolemDesktop and Mobile versions GolemPet Buff
295 Tiny Fishron Tiny FishronDesktop and Mobile versions DukeFishronPet Buff
296 Phantasmal Dragon Phantasmal DragonDesktop and Mobile versions LunaticCultistPet Buff
297 Moonling MoonlingDesktop and Mobile versions MoonLordPet Buff
298 Fairy Princess Fairy PrincessDesktop and Mobile versions FairyQueenPet Buff
299 Jack 'O Lantern Jack 'O Lantern PumpkingPet Buff
300 Everscream Sapling Everscream SaplingDesktop and Mobile versions EverscreamPet Buff
301 Ice Queen Ice Queen IceQueenPet Buff
302 Alien Skater Alien SkaterDesktop and Mobile versions MartianPet Buff
303 Baby Ogre Baby OgreDesktop and Mobile versions DD2OgrePet Buff
304 Itsy Betsy Itsy BetsyDesktop and Mobile versions DD2BetsyPet Buff
305 Lava Shark Mount Lava Shark MountDesktop and Mobile versions LavaSharkMount Buff
306 Titanium Barrier Titanium BarrierDesktop and Mobile versions TitaniumStorm Buff
307 Titanium Barrier.png BlandWhipEnemyDebuff Debuff
308 Durendal's Blessing Durendal's BlessingDesktop and Mobile versions SwordWhipPlayerBuff Buff
309 Titanium Barrier.png SwordWhipNPCDebuff Debuff
310 Titanium Barrier.png ScytheWhipEnemyDebuff Debuff
311 Harvest Time Harvest TimeDesktop and Mobile versions ScytheWhipPlayerBuff Buff
312 A Nice Buff A Nice BuffDesktop and Mobile versions CoolWhipPlayerBuff Buff
313 Titanium Barrier.png FlameWhipEnemyDebuff Debuff
314 Jungle's Fury Jungle's FuryDesktop and Mobile versions ThornWhipPlayerBuff Buff
315 Titanium Barrier.png ThornWhipNPCDebuff Debuff
316 Titanium Barrier.png RainbowWhipNPCDebuff Debuff
317 Slime Princess Slime PrincessDesktop and Mobile versions QueenSlimePet Buff
318 Winged Slime Mount Winged Slime MountDesktop and Mobile versions QueenSlimeMount Buff
319 Titanium Barrier.png MaceWhipNPCDebuff Debuff
320 Sparkle Slime Sparkle SlimeDesktop and Mobile versions GelBalloonBuff Debuff
321 Cerebral Mindtrick Cerebral MindtrickDesktop and Mobile versions BrainOfConfusionBuff Buff
322 Terraprisma TerraprismaDesktop and Mobile versions EmpressBlade Buff
323 Hellfire HellfireDesktop version OnFire3 Debuff
324 Frostbite FrostbiteDesktop version Frostburn2 Debuff
325 Flinx FlinxDesktop version FlinxMinion Buff
326 Titanium Barrier.png BoneWhipNPCDebuff Debuff
327 File:.png
328 File:.png
329 File:.png

Old-gen console/3DS Version[]

ID Image Name Type
200 Stunned Stunned3DS version Debuff
201 Drunk Drunk3DS version Buff
202 Pet Guinea Pig Pet Guinea PigOld-gen console version3DS version Buff
203 Pet Slime Pet SlimeOld-gen console version3DS version Buff
204 Pet Tiphia Pet TiphiaOld-gen console version3DS version Buff
205 Pet Bat Pet BatOld-gen console version3DS version Buff
206 Pet Werewolf Pet WerewolfOld-gen console version3DS version Buff
207 Pet Zombie Pet ZombieOld-gen console version3DS version Buff
208 Pet Elfa Pet Elfa3DS version Buff
209 Pet Android Pet Android Buff
210 Pet Cupid Pet Cupid3DS version Buff
211 Pet Leprechaun o'Fyffe Pet Leprechaun o'Fyffe Buff
212 Pet Golden Turtle Pet Golden Turtle Buff
213 Pet Worm Pet Worm3DS version Buff
214 Pet Old Lady Pet Old Lady3DS version Buff
215 Pet Turkey Pet Turkey3DS version Buff