The Bundle of Balloons is an accessory that gives the player the abilities of the Cloud in a Balloon, Sandstorm in a Balloon and the Blizzard in a Balloon which adds up to a quadruple jump plus the increased jump height.
Bundle of Balloons - Terraria 1

Bundle of Balloons - Terraria 1.2 Guide New Quadruple Jump Accessory!

When used in conjunction with WingsSpectre Boots or Rocket Boots, etc., you can ascend much faster than normal, allowing you to reach even higher elevations.

You will have to complete three jumps before you can fly with any wings if you have these equipped.  The first jump is negligible while the second jump is the highest. The third jump is slightly less than the second jump.  Finally, the fourth jump allows flight.

After testing, if you jump again right before the end of each jump starts to slow you down, with highest tier wings equipped, you can reach a total of 45-50 blocks higher than you would have had you just used any of the balloon accessories. If you have a Fart in a Jar /Fart in a Balloon along with this item, you can get up to 5 jumps.

This is the one of few potential Tier 9 items you can get before entering Hard Mode, if it has a mid-level modifier. With high-level Modifiers (such as Menacing), it becomes Tier 10.


  • If the Bundle of Balloons and wings are equipped, the spinning animation of the sandstorm in a balloon will not be shown.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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