This page is about the plant. For the item, see Cactus (item).
48 Cacti

The Cactus is a plant found in the Desert biome. When cut down with an axe or otherwise destroyed, varying amounts of cactus (item) will be generated, similar to the way a tree drops wood. Cacti range from 1 - 10 blocks high.

Cacti grow over time, starting as a 1 block high clump. Each branch on a Cactus cannot grow outwards more than 1 block, but they can grow upwards until they reach 10 blocks from the base- they can be taller than the stalk. Cutting one cactus down can yield up to 12 cactus. Unlike trees, cacti will regrow if you leave a stump in place.

Cacti have been known to grow underground with an open sandy area and torchlight.

As of v1.2, Cacti can now be used to create furniture, armor, and weapons.


  • Destroying any Sand underneath the Cactus will immediately destroy the entire Cactus above it.
  • Cacti can only grow at least 378 blocks from each edge of the world, as to prevent the growing of cacti in the Ocean biome.
  • The Cactus can be spawned anywhere from a five block wide and a two block tall patch of sand.
  • Hallowed and Corrupt variants of cacti will spawn in hallowed deserts and corrupt deserts. Even though different in appearance, all cacti drop the same item.
  • Cacti can grow Pink Prickly Pears on them, which are used to make Pink Dye.

Update Info



  • Cacti no longer deal damage to the player.


  • Cacti no longer break blocks above them and no longer knock the player back on contact.


  • Added to the game.



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