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Can Of Worms
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TooltipRight click to open
RarityRarity level: 1
Research2 required

The Can Of Worms is a consumable grab bag-type item which can be opened by pressing Open / Activate from within the player's inventory. It contains 5–11 different worms. Cans Of Worms can be found in chests at the Surface and Underground layers.


Enchanted NightcrawlerEnchanted Nightcrawler1–230*3/10 (30%)
Gold WormGold Worm15*1/20 (5%)


  • The Can Of Worms can appear in Surface Chests in stacks of 1–4, but higher amounts are rarer. The chance it has just one is 84%, the chance of two is 12.33%, the chance of three is 3.33%, and the chance of four is only 0.33%.


  • The worms contained in the Cans Of Worms can be used as fishing bait.
  • It is much more profitable to sell the contents of a Can Of Worms than the can itself.
  • In Journey Mode, the player can research two Cans Of Worms, then duplicate and open them until they obtain a sufficient number of Gold Worms to research them. This can be done easily and early in the game, and doing so will provide access to excellent bait, with 50% Bait Power (on par with the best baits of the game), and Golden Delight, which is the best food in the game, giving 48 minutes of Exquisitely Stuffed.


  • A can of worms is an idiom used for describing a complex, troublesome situation arising when a decision or action produces considerable subsequent problems.