The Candy Corn Rifle is a drop from Pumpking during a Pumpkin Moon, along with some candy corn for ammo. It could be considered a similar variant to the Megashark, although it has slightly higher damage output and lower speed.

The Candy Corn Rifle receives bullet bonuses when used with the Shroomite Mask, despite launching Candy Corn. The Candy Corn bounces off surfaces, and can pierce 6 enemies before disappearing. The Candy Corn projectiles can bounce up to 5 times, with each bounce reducing the potential number of enemies pierced by 1. The Arms Dealer sells Candy Corn for 5 CopperCoin Small, provided you have a Candy Corn Rifle in your inventory.

Candy Corn Rifle - Terraria 1.2

Candy Corn Rifle - Terraria 1.2.1 Guide New Ranged Weapon!


  • This weapon may be a reference to the MS paint adventure "Problem Sleuth," where in one of the main characters makes imaginary variants of modern weaponary that use candy corn in some way.

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  • Added to the game.