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  • Cannon item spriteold Cannon item sprite
  • Cannon placed
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Knockback0 (No knockback)
Placeable✔️ (4 wide × 3 high)
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 3
Research1 required
Projectile created
  • Cannonball (friendly)
    Cannonball (friendly)

The Cannon firing a cannonball.

The Cannon is an interactive furniture item purchased from the Pirate for 25. It can be placed on the ground and, when activated, either by a Player (consuming a Cannonball) or by wire (), fires an arcing cannonball that explodes on contact, dealing heavy damage without destroying blocks. The Cannon is powerful but immobile, functioning as a fixed gun emplacement, and so is best suited for tasks such as home defense.

A more powerful version of the Cannon known as the Bunny Cannon is sold by the Pirate when the Party Girl is present and one Hardmode boss (Not including Queen Slime ) is defeated.


Once placed, the angle of the Cannon can be adjusted by right-clicking either side of the Cannon to rotate it in that direction, Mobile version or tapping the side of the cannon. There are 9 possible orientations and it cannot fire downward, though the arcing trajectory of the cannonballs can be used to hit targets below the emplacement. Each click/tap tilts the Cannon by one step (22.5°).

The Cannon is fired by left-clicking it with a cannonball in hand, while pressing the Auto Select key with a cannonball in your inventory, Mobile version or tapping the cannon with a cannonball in hand. In either case, the cannonball is consumed. On Desktop version Desktop version, Console version Console version, Mobile version Mobile version, Nintendo Switch version Nintendo Switch version, and tModLoader version tModLoader version, it can also be triggered by wire. Depending on where the wire is connected, it will either shoot a cannonball or rotate toward the side the wire is on. If triggered by wires the cannonballs will do no damage.


  • Activating a cannon through wires will fire a mostly aesthetic cannonball. The cannonball does no damage to NPCs or players, but it will still trigger a Teal Pressure Pad if it hits one.
  • Despite being weaker than the Bunny Cannon, the cannon could be seen as a better choice of home defense, due to the fact cannonballs are easier to obtain than Explosive Bunnies.
  • Although it appears to only take up a 3 * 2 space, it requires that all 12 blocks in its vicinity are free, to provide space to rotate. It also appears as a 4 * 3 block on the minimap.
    • This is because the cannon needs the extra space in order to properly rotate.
  • If used quickly, the sound that the cannonballs make exploding on the ground causes the sound of the cannon launching the cannonballs to stop before it is completed and make shorter bursts of incomplete noise.
  • When fired on a flat surface:
    • At 0° the ball impacts the ground 21 squares away.
    • At 22.5° the ball reaches a maximum height of 8 squares and impacts the ground 43 squares away.
    • At 45° the ball reaches a maximum height of 23 squares and impacts the ground 45 squares away.
    • At 67.5° the ball reaches a maximum height of 32 squares and impacts the ground 29 squares away.