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Do NOT delete.
Do not delete this category, even if it appears unused.
Reason: "This is a maintenance category, and may be empty at times."

This category contains all articles that are considered "stubs", i.e., incomplete in terms of the most basic information. You can add pages to this category by placing {{stub}} on top of the page/section that need expanding.

Remember that not every short page is a stub! In general, removing {{stub}} from a page is considered appropriate if it contains

  • a complete infobox,
  • a complete intro section that outlines the method of obtaining the item/encountering the NPC/etc.,
  • a "Crafting" section with either a recipe of how the item is crafted or what it is used for in crafting,
  • a "History" section, and
  • a navigational master template

(all only if applicable).

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