The Celebration is a post-Golem weapon that is sold by the Party Girl.

It uses rockets for ammo and fires two rockets per shot, along with exploding into fireworks when the rocket hits a enemy or goes a certain distance, making it extremely effective for large groups of enemies who are close together.


  • If the player uses Rocket IIs or Rocket IVs with this weapon, they will not destroy tiles.
  • The fireworks released from the Celebration will do damage as well as the rocket.
  • It isn’t good against singular targets, but it has good crowd control.


  • It cannot destroy blocks regardless of the type of rocket used.
  • Celebration used to be dropped by Moon Lord. It's replaced by Celebration MKII.
    • As Moon Lord is the final boss, the use of this weapon is to celebrate defeating it.

Update Info


  • No longer drops from Moon Lord. It's now instead sold by the Party Girl once the Golem is defeated.


  • Added in the game.
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