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Map view of a world generated with seed "Celebrationmk10".

Celebrationmk10 is a secret world seed introduced in the update. This seed celebrates Terraria's tenth birthday, May 16, 2021.

The following seeds can be used to generate a Celebrationmk10 world (case-insensitive):

  • celebrationmk10
  • 05162011
  • 5162011
  • 05162021
  • 5162021

World generation changes[]



Other changes[]

World icons []

The world icon of a Celebration world is a Pink Sakura tree with a bowknot.


  • Starting with the spawn at the Ocean makes the game easier if the player is on the Dungeon side but much harder if on the Jungle side. It may be worth generating a new world if starting on the Jungle side.
  • Due to the way certain invasion mechanics work, Goblin Scouts and Martian Probes will spawn in the middle of the world, rather than the edges. Note that invasion events like Goblin Army will take place near the initial spawn point or Town NPCs, so in Celebrationmk10 worlds they will take place at the Ocean which the player spawned at by default.


  • The names of three of the starting NPCs in the Celebrationmk10 seed are the names of three members of Re-Logic: Redigit (Andrew), Cenx (Whitney), and Yoraiz0r (Yorai).
  • Due to the fact that the Steampunker spawns right from the start of the game in Celebrationmk10 worlds, it is possible to buy the Jetpack, a post-Mechanical Boss wing before a single boss has been defeated.
  • Due to the way Celebrationmk10 seed is implemented, the list is not exhaustive and any number of 0 can be added before the number seed. Also many other unintended seeds have the same result, like (case sensitive):
    • "Thirst of dress", "engineer governor reproduction" and "inform Representative yorai" produce a celebration world.