Chainsaws are the Hard Mode version of axes. Chainsaws can also be used as an effective weapon. Chainsaws can deal damage quickly, but are unable to produce an attacking arc. As such, the player must face the enemy when attacking. The best prefix for any chainsaw is Godly, as you can not get a modifier that affects size or speed.

While none of the chainsaws are capable of matching the Molten Hamaxe's 150% axe power; they are far quicker in combat and can cut down trees faster.

Image Axe Damage Axe Power Speed Obtained by or Crafted with
Item 2342(0) Sawtooth Shark 13 70% Fast Fishing in ocean
Cobalt Chainsaw Cobalt Chainsaw 23 70% Fast 10 Cobalt Bars
Item 1190(1) Palladium Chainsaw 26 75% Fast 10 Palladium Bars
Mythril Chainsaw Mythril Chainsaw 29 85% Fast 10 Mythril Bars
Item 1197(1) Orichalcum Chainsaw 31 90% Fast 10 Orichalcum Bars
Adamantite Chainsaw Adamantite Chainsaw 33 100% Fast 12 Adamantite Bars
Item 1204(1) Titanium Chainsaw 34 105% Fast 10 Titanium Bars
Item 579o Drax 40 110% Fast 18 Hallowed Bar, 1 Soul of Sight, 1 Soul of Fright, 1 Soul of Might
Item 1232(1) Chlorophyte Chainsaw 50 115% Fast 18 Chlorophyte Bars
Item 3098(0) Butcher's Chainsaw 120 150% Fast Dropped by Butchers.


  • Icon mobile On iOS, Drax and other chainsaws can be found in chests.

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  • Added new Chainsaws.


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