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Chainsaws are tools that can be used to destroy trees and cacti, similarly to axes, but are also viable melee weapons. Much like the Muramasa and other fast-swinging swords, chainsaws can deal large amounts of damage quickly, but trade off the wide arc of such weapons for the ability to be pointed in any direction. None of the chainsaws, nearly all of which are Hardmode-exclusive, surpass the pre-Hardmode Molten Hamaxe in terms of axe power (the Butcher's Chainsaw ties it), but, from Palladium and on, they are able to cut down trees faster due to the rapid rate at which they hit the tree.

The best modifier for any chainsaw is Godly, as they cannot obtain a modifier that affects size or speed, unlike axes.


There are currently 10 different chainsaws available in Terraria, 9 of which are Hardmode-exclusive.

Name Axe
Damage Bonus Use time Mining
Knockback HM Rarity Sell
Sawtooth Shark Sawtooth Shark
Internal Item ID: 2342
70% - 13 -1 range 15
(Very fast)
4 2.25
(Very weak)
Rarity level: 3 150
Cobalt Chainsaw Cobalt Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 383
70% - 23 -1 range 15
(Very fast)
7 2.75
(Very weak)
✔️ Rarity level: 4 18
Palladium Chainsaw Palladium Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 1190
75% - 26 -1 range 15
(Very fast)
7 2.9
(Very weak)
✔️ Rarity level: 4 144
Mythril Chainsaw Mythril Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 384
85% - 29 -1 range 15 (Very fast) /
8 (Insanely fast)
6 3
(Very weak)
✔️ Rarity level: 4 162
Orichalcum Chainsaw Orichalcum Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 1197
90% - 31 -1 range 15
(Very fast)
5 3.75
✔️ Rarity level: 4 198
Adamantite Chainsaw Adamantite Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 387
100% - 33 -1 range 15
(Very fast)
4 4.5
✔️ Rarity level: 4 216
Titanium Chainsaw Titanium Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 1204
105% - 34 -1 range 15
(Very fast)
4 4.6
✔️ Rarity level: 4 252
Drax Drax
Internal Item ID: 579
110% 200% 35 -1 range 15
(Very fast)
4 4.75
✔️ Rarity level: 4 440
Chlorophyte Chainsaw Chlorophyte Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 1232
115% - 50 - 15
(Very fast)
4 4.6
✔️ Rarity level: 7 432
Butcher's Chainsaw Butcher's Chainsaw
Internal Item ID: 3098
150% - 120 -1 range 15
(Very fast)
4 8
(Very strong)
✔️ Rarity level: 8 10


  • If a chainsaw is used for a minute without stopping, it will stop working and need to be restarted by pressing the Use / Attack button again. This is because they are actually long-lasting channel projectiles when used, like the Magic Missile.


  • The Sawtooth Shark is the only chainsaw available before Hardmode and the only one obtained via fishing. On the Nintendo 3DSNintendo 3DS version version, the Drax is also available pre-Hardmode.
  • Drax is the only chainsaw that also has pickaxe power. Prior to 1.2, it also had the abilities of a hammer, which again no chainsaw has.
  • Butcher's Chainsaw is the only chainsaw that drops from an enemy. It is also the chainsaw with the highest overall stats and the only one that inflicts magic damage (with its sparks).


  • Desktop
    • All drills and chainsaws now dig faster than their non-mechanical counterparts, but have shorter range.
    • Additionally, optimized digging loadouts still perform better on pickaxes/axes, but drills and chainsaws will be faster on non-optimized loadouts.
  • Desktop 1.2:
    • Added Chlorophyte Chainsaw.
    • Renamed "Hamdrax" to "Drax", and removed its hammer capabilities due to issues surrounding the breaking of furniture and walls simultaneously.