The Chaos Elemental is a monster that appears in the Underground Hallow after the Wall of Flesh has been defeated. The Chaos Elemental looks like a normal player wearing some kind of armor. It is colored pink and emits some light. When it moves, it leaves a small trail similar to the effects of the Ninja vanity outfit, the Necro Armor, and the Shadow Armor.

The Chaos Elemental can teleport around and will do so if it isn't being hit/can't hit the players. In addition, it is very resistant to knockback. People fighting it may find it quite hard to kill if unprepared. It has 370 Health points and can hit up to 60 damage.


A good strategy would be to go to a small space where you can push it against the wall, with an average knockback weapon and just keep attacking it until it dies, but you will have to watch out for his 60 damage hits when using this strategy.


  • The Chaos Elemental cannot receive the 'On Fire!' debuff from Lava. However, it can still receive regular lava damage of 35 points.
  • Its erratic movement along with its speed and teleportation ability makes it hard to determine the target location.
  • When trying to make them spawn (when making a farm for example), keep in mind that they will not spawn if the player has player-placed background walls behind themself.


  • Mobile: Chaos Elementals do not spawn in pure Underground Hallow due to a bug, however can still spawn by making a 1 block pearlstone surface to however long the player desires in a different underground biome such as the Corruption.
  • Mobile: Instead of dropping a Rod of Discord, Chaos Elementals drop Rainbow Rods (may apply to Console, too) (somewhat fixed)
  • Drop rates seem higher on mobile version
Chaos Elemental

A chaos elemental in the underground corruption

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  • Added to the game.