The Chlorophyte Bar is a bar crafted from six Chlorophyte Ore using an Adamantite Forge or Titanium Forge. It is used in many Hard Mode armor sets; for example, Turtle Armor, Chlorophyte Armor, Spectre Armor, and Shroomite Armor. Chlorophyte Ore can only be found in the Jungle once Hard Mode has been activated. It is arguably one of the most vital late game ores because of the top tier armor it is required for, as well as Chlorophyte Bullets which are extremely effective due to their homing ability.

A single Chlorophyte Bar requires 6 ore, making it the highest ore/bar ratio in the entire game. This is balanced by the fact that Chlorophyte has the ability to convert surrounding mud into more Chlorophyte Ore, which only occurs anywhere below the Stone layer.


  • Mining Chlorophyte Ore requires a tool with 200% pickaxe power or more. The earliest ones available are crafted from Hallowed Bars. More specifically, the Pickaxe Axe or Drax. They require the same materials to craft each of them, and make no difference in how effectively they mine Chlorophyte.
  • To make at least one of every item as well as one set of both Chlorophyte Bullets and Chlorophyte Arrows that requires Chlorophyte bars, you need 423 Chlorophyte bars. That is 158, 97, 54 and 114 for Chlorophyte, Shroomite, Turtle, and Spectre gear respectively or 2538 Ore. 


  • Chlorophyte may be a reference to a type of green algae called Chlorophyta, or more likely the category of algae they are included in, Chlorophytes.
  • It might also be a reference to Chlorophyll, a green pigment found in plants that helps them grow. This is confirmed by the ore's tooltip, "Reacts to the light." Chlorophyte Ore shares the same tooltip.
    • However, the ore grows in deep Underground Jungle, where there's little light. The bars don't grow.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
  • Can be placed.
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