The Chlorophyte Chainsaw is the highest tier Chainsaw as of the 1.2 update, presenting better cutting power than the Drax. Its a chainsaw-type tool, but can also be used as a preferred weapon for killing burrowing monsters. Like all other chainsaws, it cannot be reforged with size modifiers (including "Legendary").

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

Item 2342(0) Sawtooth Shark

Cobalt Chainsaw Cobalt Chainsaw

Item 1190(1) Palladium Chainsaw

Mythril Chainsaw Mythril Chainsaw

Item 1197(1) Orichalcum Chainsaw

Adamantite Chainsaw Adamantite Chainsaw

Item 1204(1) Titanium Chainsaw

Item 579o Drax

Item 1232(1) Chlorophyte Chainsaw

Item 3098(0) Butcher's Chainsaw

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