The Chlorophyte Shotbow is one of the most unique ranged weapons in Terraria. This is a Hard Mode weapon, as you can only find the materials (Chlorophyte Ore, Chlorophyte Bar) in the Hard Mode Jungle. This shotbow deals decent damage, and fires at a very fast speed. It fires 2, 3, or 4 arrows per shot, while consuming only one. It is called a shotbow, but it is in fact a repeater.


  • Every shot can only hit a target once, e.g. if you fire at Skeletron, only one of the arrows will damage him, the rest goes through without hitting him, the same applies for piercing arrows (Unholy Arrow, Jester's Arrow). This makes the shotbow excellent for crowd control purposes, but against bosses, its sub par damage and projectile speed make it an unviable option.
  • No matter what the arrow is, the arrow cannot be re-collected whatsoever.
  • Combining this with chlorophyte arrows in a confined space (best to be a square) can easily kill plantera especially if the player also has Frost Armor and ranged accessories


  • It is the first weapon to be called a shotbow.
  • It is the only Chlorophyte weapon that does not fire a spore cloud or powerful orb when attacking. (Aside from Drills, Chainsaws, etc.)
  • Shotbow is a portmanteau of Shotgun and Crossbow.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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