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Christmas-Only Content
Christmas-Only Content
The content described on this page will only appear during the Christmas event.
Christmas Tree decorations
  • Star Topper 2.png Red Garland.png Multicolored Bulb.png Multicolored Lights.png
Stack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.pngStack digit 9.png
Use time15 (Very fast)
RarityRarity level: 0
"Lights" redirects here. For all sources of ambient light, see Light sources.

Christmas Tree decorations are items used to decorate Christmas Trees. There are four categories: toppers, bulbs, lights, and garlands. Each tree can include up to one of each. Most decorations can be purchased from Santa Claus for 5 each, except for the Old-gen console version Old-gen console-exclusive Star Topper 4, which can be found in Presents.[1]

Decorations can only be removed by replacing specific decorations with another of the same type, or by removing the tree with a pickaxe or drill and placing it again.


  • Star Topper 1Star Topper 1
    Internal Item ID: 1874
  • Star Topper 2Star Topper 2
    Internal Item ID: 1875
  • Star Topper 3Star Topper 3
    Internal Item ID: 1876
  • Bow TopperBow Topper
    Internal Item ID: 1877
  • Star Topper 4Star Topper 4
  • 505 Topper505 Topper
  • White GarlandWhite Garland
    Internal Item ID: 1878
  • Red GarlandRed Garland
    Internal Item ID: 1880
  • Green GarlandGreen Garland
    Internal Item ID: 1882
  • White and Red GarlandWhite and Red Garland
    Internal Item ID: 1879
  • Red and Green GarlandRed and Green Garland
    Internal Item ID: 1881
  • Green and White GarlandGreen and White Garland
    Internal Item ID: 1883
  • Multicolored BulbMulticolored Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1884
  • Red BulbRed Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1885
  • Yellow BulbYellow Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1886
  • Green BulbGreen Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1887
  • White BulbWhite Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1891
  • Red and Green BulbRed and Green Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1888
  • Yellow and Green BulbYellow and Green Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1889
  • Red and Yellow BulbRed and Yellow Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1890
  • White and Red BulbWhite and Red Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1892
  • White and Yellow BulbWhite and Yellow Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1893
  • White and Green BulbWhite and Green Bulb
    Internal Item ID: 1894
  • Multicolored LightsMulticolored Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1895
  • Red LightsRed Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1896
  • Green LightsGreen Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1897
  • Blue LightsBlue Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1898
  • Yellow LightsYellow Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1899
  • Red and Yellow LightsRed and Yellow Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1900
  • Red and Green LightsRed and Green Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1901
  • Yellow and Green LightsYellow and Green Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1902
  • Blue and Green LightsBlue and Green Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1903
  • Red and Blue LightsRed and Blue Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1904
  • Blue and Yellow LightsBlue and Yellow Lights
    Internal Item ID: 1905


  • In the event that one of each decoration is placed on the tree, the possible combinations reaches 2,904 ( 4,356).
    • Including the possibility of leaving one or more types of decorations blank, the total possible combinations are 5,040 ( 7,056).