The Clinger is a mob that behaves like Man Eaters, extending their head to damage the player. Unlike Man Eaters, however, Clingers spit green flames which can inflict the Cursed Inferno debuff (that resemble Cursed Flames) if the player is out of their immediate reach.

When approaching a Clinger, care should be taken. Its flaming projectile is quite dangerous as the debuff it applies can't be put out with water. To avoid becoming charbroiled, ranged weapons are recommended, or if you're desperate; bombs will suffice. When up close, swing at them with your most powerful melee weapon while staying out of their range of attack.

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Four clingers


A Clinger firing its projectile

A Clinger can be prevented from attacking with its cursed flame attack by repeatedly doing damage to it. Setting it on fire also seems to work. Clingers' cursed flame projectile can't be blocked (aka broken/deflected) with melee attacks, bullets from ranged weapons or with magical projectiles. It should also be noted that they can be attacked through walls and dirt with a lance, spear or other long melee weapon. Chainsaws don't do much damage, but can be used the keep them at bay and incapacitate them from attacking.

The Clinger Staff is a weapon named after this enemy. 


  • Just like all other "non-clipping" enemies, a very safe and easy way to kill a Clinger is to attack it with a spear-like weapon.
  • Their body is immune to weapons, just like the body of the WoF.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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