The Clothier Voodoo Doll is a voodoo doll of the Clothier; it has a 0.33% chance to be dropped by Dark Casters or Angry Bones within the Dungeon. It is used to summon Skeletron after Skeletron was defeated for at least once in the world. Rarely, this can also be found inside a Golden Chest in Dungeon.

To use, the Doll must be equipped (which allows Clothier to be attacked by the player directly) and then the player must kill the Clothier at Night after 7:30 PM. The Doll is not consumed, and so can be used to re-summon Skeletron once the Clothier has respawned. It is the only boss summoning item to function like this. Also, it can't be destroyed in lava. Killing Clothier at Day does nothing.

This is the only other voodoo doll besides the Guide Voodoo Doll.


  • It's recommended if you have powerful gear (most likely hardmode gear) to, instead of removing it or selling it, to kill the clothier and kill Skeletron, as killing him gives around 5  GoldCoin Small and he can respawn in the morning.
    • If you don't have the best gear or you want to fight somewhere else, you can always move him to a different suitable house.
    • Unlike the Guide Voodoo Doll, it's incredibly low drop rate and chance to be found means that it would be used in a different way.
  • It's not recommended to fight Skeletron close to dawn, since as soon as it turns day, instead of running away, he acts as a dungeon guardian and kills you before running away.

Update Info


  • Skeletron now spawns on the Clothier when using a Clothier Voodoo Doll.


  • You can now attack the Clothier with the Clothier Voodoo doll equipped


  • Added to the game.