The Cobalt Naginata is crafted from 10 Cobalt Bars at an Iron Anvil/Lead Anvil. It has a range of 10 blocks. The Cobalt Naginata is the 11th strongest spear in the game (PC - 12th strongest on Console and Mobile) and is the first and weakest Hardmode Spear.
Terraria - Cobalt Tools Overview-1369097595

Terraria - Cobalt Tools Overview-1369097595


Naginata is a traditional Japanese pole weapon, used by Samurai class in feudal Japan. It looks very similar to a European glaive.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.


Items Requiring Cobalt
Armor Cobalt Hat · Cobalt Helmet · Cobalt Mask · Cobalt Breastplate · Cobalt Leggings
Tools Cobalt Drill · Cobalt Chainsaw · Cobalt Pickaxe · Cobalt Waraxe
Weapons Cobalt Repeater · Cobalt Sword · Cobalt Naginata
Other Cobalt Bar · Cobalt Brick
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