The Coin Gun is a weapon that is dropped by the Pirate Captain and the Pirate Deadeye(1/8000 chance) as well as Flying Dutchman(0.25% chance). It uses your coins for ammo, the damage depending on which coin you used for ammo; the more valuable, the higher the damage output.


  • The Coin Gun cannot have any Modifier increasing the Damage stat, but every accessory will affect this also.
  • The preferred Modifiers should be either Hasty, Agile, or Intimidating, depending on the user's preference of DPS or crowd control.
  • A Hasty Coin Gun shooting Platinum Coins is the highest damage output in the game, but also the highest cost per bullet ratio of all firearms, thousands of times above Chlorophyte Bullets making it very costly to use.
  • It is possible to get a damage modifier on a Coin Gun when a mob drops it.
  • The Coin Gun has the second rarest drop rate in the game, although is not considered the rarest item as pirate invasions have many opportunities to drop this item.
  • The Coin Gun with platinum coins does around 2000 damage/second, easily killing any boss in 20 seconds with correct skills.
  • Multiplayer servers should enforce stack sizes to prevent abuse of this weapon (i.e. a stack of 35,000 Platinum Coins in an ammo spot).

Update Info


  • Added to the game.