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Question mark displayed above Confused enemies

Confused is a debuff which causes sideways controls to reverse: ◀ Left will move right, and ▶ Right will move left. Additionally, ▲ Up will also act as ▼ Down, and ▼ Down will do nothing. When applied to enemies, a question mark appears above them, and causes them to move away from the player rather than towards them. Enemies with ranged attacks will be unable to use that attack. The debuff can be prevented with the Trifold Map (and by extension, anything crafted from it), which is dropped by most enemies that cause the debuff.

About 70% of enemies and the entirety of bosses in Terraria are immune to the Confused debuff. Many of the vulnerable enemies include slimes, bats, and most fighters.


From player[]

From Duration Chance
Brain of Confusion Brain of Confusion 1.5 seconds at minimum;
depends on damage taken, see notes
Dao of Pow Dao of Pow 2–4 seconds 80%
Bee Keeper Bee Keeper 2 seconds 90%
Nano Bullet Nano Bullet 1-3 seconds 100%
Flask of Nanites Flask of Nanites 1–3 seconds 100%

From enemy[]

From Duration Chance
Giant Bat Giant Bat 5 / 10 seconds 7.14*1/14 (7.14%)
Light Mummy Light Mummy 5 / 10 seconds 7.14*1/14 (7.14%)
Clown Clown 5 / 10 seconds 7.14*1/14 (7.14%)
Brain Scrambler Brain Scrambler
(ranged attack)
5 / 10 seconds 60*3/5 (60%)
Brain of Cthulhu Brain of Cthulhu 0.75–1.5 seconds 0.82*2/243 (0.82%)
Creeper Creeper 0.75–1.5 seconds 2.47*2/81 (2.47%)
Dreamer Ghoul Dreamer Ghoul 14 / 28 seconds 100*1/1 (100%)

From debuff[]

From Duration Chance
Feral Bite Feral Bite 0.9–1.5 seconds 16.67*1/6 (16.67%), 5*1/20 (5%) every second


From Duration Chance
Red Potion Red Potion 1 / 2 / 3 hours 100*1/1 (100%)

Immune NPCs[]

Enemies immune to Confused


  • On the Console version Console version, Players inflicted with Confused have reversed movement, but not reversed aiming.