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Terraria spiltscreen version for Consoles

PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One

Terraria is available for download on the PS3, ($15.00 or £11.99 on the psn shop) PS4, ($20.00 in the pan shop)and the Xbox 360 (£9.99 or $15.00 in Xbox Marketplace). (Also available on the Xbox One Store for 20$ or your regional equivalent.) The console version is similar to PC version 1.3

PS Vita

Terraria can be bought from the Playstation Store for PS Vita for $15.00/£11.99. It is almost identical to the PS3 and Xbox 360 edition. As the Vita lacks R/L 2/3 buttons, a manual/smart cursor option can be spotted at the bottom left corner. The vita version lets you crossplay with PS3 users, although the remote play feature is not accessible as of now.


Crossplay feature

Crossplay is a feature on Terraria PSVITA edition and Terraria PS3 edition. It will allow users who have bought Terraria PSVITA edition and Terraria PS3 edition to play on each other's world. (EXAMPLE: PS3 users can play on a PSVITA user's world, and PSVITA users to play on PS3 user's world.)


This feature will also merge the trophies a user earns on PSVITA edition and PS3 edition into the same trophy list, as long as the user is using the same PSN (Playstation Network) account on both platforms.

3DS and Wii U

Recently, Terraria has been released on 3DS, both on e-shop and to purchase. It has mobile exclusive bosses and items including Lepus. Hardmode can be unlocked, and has Ocram and bosses up to Fishron. It also has the Crimson update but does not have the special crafting items; instead crimson items can be crafted at a normal crafting station. The current version is 1.2 for America and Europe. The game can be very buggy. Also Terraria was released on the Wii U with version.

Console Version History


Go here for a complete thread listing the current bugs and glitches, feel free to contribute if needed, as our knowledge of the console game is still growing.


Terraria Xbox 360 Gameplay Trailer - Split Screen Multiplayer, New Final Boss, Pets, Music

Terraria Xbox 360 Gameplay Trailer - Split Screen Multiplayer, New Final Boss, Pets, Music

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