Pre-release image of a Corrupt Desert. Note that the cacti have not yet been recolored.

The Corrupt Desert is a biome that forms when The Corruption spreads across a regular Desert. This will only happen naturally when a world is in Hard Mode.

What distinguishes a Corrupt Desert from a regular Desert is that it is made up of Ebonsand rather than normal Sand.


The only unique monster that spawns in Corrupt Deserts is the Dark Mummy.

Otherwise, any monsters that can spawn in regular Corruption (eg. the Eater Family, Corrupt Slimes, etc.) can also spawn in this biome.

By contrast, monsters which spawn in normal Deserts will not spawn in Corrupt Deserts.


  • The purple cacti in Corrupt Deserts are functionally identical to regular cacti.
  • Corrupt thorns will not grow in the Corrupt Desert.
  • It is possible for the background to change to the Corrupt Desert background before the Wall Of Flesh is killed. This happens when there is too much Corruption beside a Desert.
  • If the sand from a Desert goes deep enough underground to reach the Underground Corruption, then that Desert can be corrupted from the bottom up.
  • Unlike Hallowed and regular Deserts, Waterleaf will not grow in Corrupt Deserts.
  • There is a Crimson desert, while being similar to the Corrupted desert, all sand blocks turn into Crimsand instead of Ebonsand.

Update Info


  • The Corrupt Desert may now spawn on world generation (not in hardmode), but it will not spawn any mobs unique to it until Hardmode gets enabled.


  • Added to the game.