The Crate Potion increases the chance to find a crate while fishing. It can be very useful when grinding for crate items such as the Hardy Saddle.


  • Crates can be very useful both before and after Hard Mode is enabled. They can provide a player with a relatively stable supply of ores, with the ability to provide all six of the first Hard Mode ores once Hard Mode is enabled. They also have a chance to award other rare items depending on the type of crate.
  • In order of which is the most likely to give Hard Mode ores when opened:
    1. Golden Crates (22.22% chance for bars)
    2. Iron Crates (16.67% chance for bars)
    3. Biome Crates (Corrupt/Crimson/Dungeon/Hallowed/Jungle/Sky) (11.11% chance for bars)
    4. Wooden Crates (7.14% chance for bars, 7.14% chance for ores)

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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