The Crawltipede is a worm-like monster that is found near the Solar Pillar, it is recommended to stay on the ground, as they will not chase players unless they are flying. Crawltipedes will target players as soon as they are 8 blocks off of the ground. The only way to kill a Crawltipede is through the bulb-like core at the end of its tail, as the rest of its body and its head is completely invincible. Attacking the core deals 10 times more damage than normal.


  • Players standing on the ground will be completely ignored by Crawltipedes.
    • Platforms are considered to be the ground by Crawltipedes, building platforms at a vantage point will be beneficial in defeating the pillar while being able to avoid the Crawltipedes.
  • Using mounts or wings to fly very close to the ground will keep the player safe as long as they don't fly over 8 blocks.
  • Players suspended by grappling hooks are not targeted by Crawltipedes. The only exception to this is the Static Hook.
  • Due to the tail taking 10 times more damage than normal, using items that heal through damage like the Vampire Knives or Spectre Armor with the hood will allow the player to heal at a much faster rate than usual.
  • An effective way to kill the Crawltipede is using a Laser Machinegun.

Update Info


  • Bug that resulted in unobtainable Crawltipede banners fixed.


  • Added to the game.
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