Crimson Desert

The Crimson Desert is a biome that is created when the Crimson spreads towards a Desert. The sands of the crimson desert are colored dark gray, with some of them sporting red spots on it. This biome can be created during the world generation, otherwise it can appear during Hardmode, in the same way as the Corrupt Desert and Hallowed Desert.


The biome is composed of Crimsand, Crimsandstone and Hardened Crimsand blocks, all of which can spread the Crimson towards other corruptible blocks during hardmode. Like the desert, there is also cacti, but they are colored red instead, with white thorns. Despite this, they wield the normal Cactus item when cut down with an axe. Palm trees planted in the Crimsand yield Shadewood instead of Palm Wood.


Besides the enemies founds normally on the Crimson biome, the following monsters can spawn in the Crimson Desert during the hardmode:


  • Waterleaf will not grow in the crimson desert, the same rule applies to a corrupt desert.
  • The biome itself will not spread any further before the hardmode, as the Crimson won't spread to Sand. It will only begins spreading after the Wall of Flesh is defeated. This can give up some time for the player to deal with the biome before venturing in the Hardmode.
  • The Crimson Desert appears to resemble rotting flesh, gangrene and/or necrosis, keeping up with the gore theme of the Crimson.

Update Info


  • Now includes Hardened Crimsand blocks and Crimsandstone blocks in their composition.
  • New enemies added to the Crimson Desert. These enemies will start appearing once the Wall of Flesh is defeated in the world.


  • Added in the game
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