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Crimson Grass Wall is a type of wall. Like the Grass of the Crimson it has a sickly hue of red. On the Desktop version Desktop version and Mobile version Mobile version, it is sold by the Dryad during a Blood Moon. In all other versions, it can be destroyed, but not harvested, making it unobtainable as an item.

Crimson Grass Walls cannot be placed by the player like many other walls, but it can be converted from Grass Walls, Flower Walls, and Jungle Walls (apparently both natural ones and those bought from the Dryad) by using Red Solution sprayed with the Clentaminator. As the Clentaminator affects a rather large area, creating areas of localized Crimson Grass Wall without converting blocks and other wall parts may be difficult.

Crimson Grass Walls can spread The Crimson to nearby pure walls. See Biome spread for further information.

Like its counterparts, this wall cannot be used for a house.