Some Crimtane Bunnies on a platform.

The Crimtane Bunny is a hostile version of the Bunny, and the counterpart to the Corrupt Bunny. Instead of wandering around, it will chase the player, in an attempt to kill it.

Crimtane Bunnies spawn in the following ways:

  • A player throwing Vicious Powder on a regular bunny.
  • Having a bunny exist in a Crimson world when a Blood Moon rises.
  • Having a bunny wander into a Crimson Biome.
  • Spawned with a statue under the right conditions.


  • The Crimtane Bunny is very susceptible to knockback. If the player hits a Crimtane Bunny with a high knockback weapon (like a flail), it will be knocked back a very long distance.
  • The Crimtane Bunny does not register as a kill, therefore there is no banner for killing 50 of them.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.
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