Crowno's Wings are an item that can be found in expert mode treasure bags (gained by killing any boss in expert mode). Each bag opened has a 5% chance of spawning one of the many developer sets, Crowno's Outfit and Crowno's Wings included.


Crowno's wings


  • This set of wings has a light purple hue with a dark purple arch.
  • Prior to 1.3 wearing this item will cause the Cursed, Blackout, Burning, Slow, Confused and Weak Debuffs which will cause death to the player. 4/6 of these can be countered using the Ankh Charm/Ankh Shield, leaving only Burning and blackout.
  • Crowno's Wings can also be Reforged like every other Accessory, and it will cost only 1 Copper Coin.

Update Info


  • Now obtainable. No longer inflicts debuffs.


  • Added to the game.
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