The Crystal Storm is a spell which fires small, magical projectiles at an incredibly fast speed which spread out in a slight arc and decelerate after traveling a certain distance. The projectiles will light up the surrounding area and bounce off any walls for the duration of their lifespan, making this Weapon extremely lethal within enclosed areas, as well as useful for exploring caverns.
Crystal Storm Weapon Terraria HERO

Crystal Storm Weapon Terraria HERO


  • The Crystal Storm's rate of fire is equal to that of the Megashark.
  • It is possible for the Crystal Storm to shoot an occasional projectile through doors or 1-block-thick walls. This can be most easily demonstrated by standing adjacent to a closed door and aiming to shoot through it at a -45 degree angle.
  • Due to its capability of multiple rebounds off surfaces it is ideal for reaching enemy mobs in tighter spaces. This allows for more strategic attacks on the target.
  • As the projectiles are slower in water and vanish fairly fast, it's not the best weapon underwater.
  • If used while the player character is at most 1 block deep in water or from outside of water the projectiles will not lose speed or be affected by the presence of the water. This gives this technique higher effectiveness toward submerged non-swimming foes because they are affected less by the knockback.
  • Projectiles from the Crystal Storm can become trapped in walls and ceilings when fired at an angle. (See picture below)
  • Crystal Storm projectiles disappear after about 3 seconds.
  • The Crystal Storm is one of the few Spells affected by a Magma Stone/Fire Gauntlet
  • In mobile and 3DS, it has a 0.2% chance of being dropped from an Arch Demon.


  • Sometimes the projectiles will go through a one-block thick wall, or an angled block.
Crystal storm glitch 2

Crystal storm glitch

Update Info


  • Now requires 20 Crystal Shards instead of 30.


  • The weapon can no longer have the Mythical prefix.


  • Added to the game.
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