The Dark Lance is a spear-type weapon found in Shadow Chests. The range of the lance reaches to about 4-6 blocks. The particle effect left when used in a dark area lasts for about a second and is similar to the effect of the Demon Scythe. This is very useful for locating caves or Ores through walls and defeating multiple enemies at the same time.

The Dark Lance attacks in whatever direction clicked. The attack can penetrate walls, making it able to hit any monster than can pass through tiles, but cannot hit monsters through walls. Like all spears, its best Prefix is Godly.

Terraria Dark Lance (Updated)

Terraria Dark Lance (Updated)


  • While the Dark Lance does lower damage than some other weapons one may have at the time of its acquisition (Night's Edge, for example), thanks to its very far range, ability to hit in all directions, and possibilities of double-triple hitting enemies in a single strike, it can easily carry a player on to, and through, hardmode.
  • It is very effective against segmented enemies.

Update Info


  • New Sprite.
  • Speed changed to Fast.
  • Damage increased to 27.
  • Found more commonly.


  • Added to the game.


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