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Daybroken is a debuff that causes enemies lasting damage for up to 5 seconds. It is applied by the Daybreak and the Solar Eruption, and the Daybreak is able to stack this debuff up to 8 times, octupling the damage in the process.


From player[]

From Duration Chance
Daybreak Daybreak 5 seconds 100%
Solar Eruption Solar Eruption 5 seconds 100%

Immune NPCs[]


  • Enemies that die from the debuff inflict the debuff on other nearby enemies, making it useful when a lot of enemies are surrounding a player.


  • Despite the debuff being known as "Daybroken", it is inflicted by both the Solar Eruption and the Daybreak.
  • The debuff tooltip misspells "incinerated" as "incenerated".
  • The Daybroken debuff does not have a proper debuff icon as it can never be applied to players. It instead uses a copy of the Stardust Dragon buff's icon as a placeholder.


  • Desktop 1.4.3: Fixed a typo in the tooltip ("Incenerated" to "Incinerated").
  • Desktop Fixed Daybroken debuff spreading to friendly NPCs, killing them.