The Death Sickle is dropped by the Reaper. It can be useful for charging into a group of enemies. The Death Sickle flings small flying sickles that attack enemies and can pass through walls. After engaging they stay able to attack enemies closing in. Projectile's speed and range are based on your attack speed; the more attack speed one has, the further it travels. It can be used to cause a large amount of DPS if the enemy is trapped and is repeatedly hit by the projectiles. The Death Sickle is a direct upgrade to the Ice Sickle.


  • This Weapon is considered to be a Broadsword by game mechanics.
  • This sword, unlike other weapons, can change the direction it is swinging while holding down the left button. Most other weapons can only "moonwalk".
  • This weapon can be useful for finding ores or finding paths in the dark, as the sickle projectiles emit light, and can go through blocks.
  • The weapon's projectiles can pierce through 7 enemies before disappearing.


  • This weapon may be a reference to Death's Scythe, the iconic weapon of Death, a recurring boss from the Castlevania series.
    • Furthermore, the attack itself is most likely a reference to Deathscythe, where Death summons small sickles that spawn in random spots across the screen and then head toward the player.
  • Although labeled as a sickle, the weapon is actually a scythe.

Update Info


  • Added to the game.

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