Debuffs are a feature first introduced in patch 1.0.6. Debuffs bestow negative effects upon their bearers, and unlike Buffs, cannot be removed by right-clicking on their icons. There are several accessories which provide immunity to a single Debuff, which build into the Ankh Charm, giving immunity to many debuffs. Some Monsters can be infected with certain debuffs, including Confused, Cursed Inferno, On Fire! and Poisoned.

Debuffs will naturally wear off after a short period of time, though some may last up to a few minutes. The Nurse can cure debuffs at the cost of 7 SilverCoin Small 50 CopperCoin Small per debuff.

In 1.2, many new accessories were added which prevent one specific debuff each, and can be combined at a Tinkerer's Workshop to create versions that give immunity to all the debuffs of their components.


ID Icon Name Inflicted By Tooltip Duration Effect Prevented by
203 Debuff Betsy's Curse Betsy's Curse Betsy's Wrath Defense is lowered 5 seconds All enemies struck will have defense lowered by 40 None
80 Blackout Blackout Ragged Caster
Red Potion
Light vision severely reduced 4 seconds Screen is reduced to almost complete darkness None
30 Debuff Bleeding Bleeding Angler Fish
Brain of Cthulhu
Duke Fishron
Red Potion
Rusty Armored Bones
Cannot regenerate life 45 seconds Prevents natural health regeneration Adhesive Bandage
36 Debuff Broken Armor Broken Armor

Armored Skeleton
Heavy Skeleton
Red Potion

Defense is cut in half 2 minutes Defense is reduced by half Armor Polish
67 Burning Burning Hellstone
Hellstone Brick
Meteorite Ore
Losing life and slowed movement Until losing contact Movement speed halved
50 health lost per second
Obsidian Skull
183 Debuff Celled Celled Star Cell Being eaten by cells 6-9 seconds 10 health lost per second for every attached mini-cell, up to 100 health per second. N/A
88 Chaosstate Chaos State Rod of Discord Using the Rod of Discord will take life 6 seconds (since Using the Rod of Discord deals damage equal to 14.29% of the player's maximum health (or Icon mobile 16.67%) None
46 Chilled Chilled

Ice Bat
Ice Golem
Ice Queen
Ice Slime
Spiked Ice Slime
Icy Merman

Your movement speed has been reduced 10-20 seconds
45 seconds (Ice Golem)
Movement speed halved [1] Hand Warmer
31 Debuff Confused Confused Bee Keeper
Brain of Confusion
Dao of Pow
Giant Bat
Light MummyBrain Scrambler

Scutlix Gunner
Nano Bullet
Red Potion

Movement is reversed 7 seconds Player movement is temporarily reversed
Confused monsters will flee
Trifold Map
199 CreativityShock Creativity Shock Old One's Army You Lost the power of creation During the whole Old One's Army event. The player cannot place or destroy blocks. Automatically removed when the event ends.
23 Debuff Cursed Cursed Cursed Hammer
Cursed Skull
Dragon Skull (console)
Enchanted Sword
Red Potion
Cannot use any items 4 seconds Prevents the player from using items Nazar
39 Debuff Cursed Inferno Cursed Inferno Clinger
Cursed Bullet
Cursed Flames
Cursed Arrow
Spectral Arrow
Losing life fast 7 seconds 6 health lost per second.

Prevents natural health regeneration.

22 Debuff Darkness Darkness Black Slime
Corrupt Slime
Dark Mummy
Red Potion
Scythes from Demons, Voodoo Demons, and Arch Demons (console)
Decreased light vision 15 seconds Decreases the player's vision Blindfold
189 Buff 189 Daybroken Daybreak
Solar Eruption
Incenerated by solar rays 15 Seconds Deals 100 damage per second; the Daybreak can stack this up to eight times, up to 800 damage per second. None
160 Debuff Dazed Dazed Unknown Movement speed is greatly reduced TBA Horizontal movement reduced by roughly ~75%. None
164 Debuff Distorted Distorted Alien Hornet
Alien Queen
Gravity around you is distorted 6-12 seconds
5-9 seconds
Causes the player to randomly float up and down None
186 Debuff Dryad's Bane Dryad's Bane Dryad The power of nature protects you While within the Dryad's leaf shield -2 health per second; damage increases for every boss defeated, as well as if playing in Expert Mode. N/A (cannot be inflicted on players)
144 Debuff Electrified Electrified Gigazapper
Tesla Turret
You cannot move 4-8 seconds Causes constant health loss and prevents natural health regeneration.
-4/s when standing still
-16/s when moving
148 Feral Bite Feral Bite Bats
Duke Fishron
Increased damage, Decreased life regen, Causes status effects 5-8 seconds Increases player damage but decreases health regeneration and applies random debuffs None
44 Debuff Frostburn Frostburn Amarok
Flower of Frost
Frostburn Arrow
Melee and Ranged damage with Frost Armor
It's either really hot or really cold. Either way it REALLY hurts 4 seconds
1-8 seconds
10 seconds
8 health lost per second. Prevents natural health regeneration Hand Warmer
47 Frozen Frozen Ice Bat
Ice Golem
Ice Queen
Spiked Ice Slime
Icy Merman
Frozen in place 2 seconds Encases the player in ice, rendering them helpless Hand Warmer
37 Debuff Horrified Horrified Wall of Flesh You have seen something nasty, there is no escape While fighting the Wall of Flesh. Causes the player to die if they leave the underworld Cannot be prevented, although spawn-killing basically does.
69 Ichor Ichor Golden Shower
Ichor Arrow
Ichor Bullet
Ichor Sticker (Ichor Stream)
Reduced defense 15 seconds Reduces the player's current defense by 20 None
94 Debuff Mana Sickness Mana Sickness Consuming any Mana Potion Magic damage reduced by x% 5 seconds

Magic damage is reduced by 5% per seconds left; max 50% at 10 seconds

72 Debuff Midas Midas Flask of Gold
Golden Bullet
Drop more money on death 15 minutes Increases money drops for the player and monsters None
194 Debuff Mighty Wind Mighty Wind Sandstorm The wind moves you around! Only while in the Desert during a Sandstorm Slows or speeds up player movement None
145 Debuff Moon Bite Moon Bite Moon Lord You are unable to absorb any healing effects 14 / 16 seconds Prevents players from healing with Vampire Knives or Spectre Hood None
163 Debuff Obstructed Obstructed Contact with Brain Sucklers You can't see! Until the Brain Suckler is killed Darkens most of the screen except for a small area around the player. No contact with Brain Sucklers
24 Debuff On Fire! On Fire! Lava
Red Potion
Various monsters[2]
Various weapons[3]
Slowly losing life. 3-7 seconds 4 health lost per second; can be put out by going in water.

6 health lost per second.

Halts natural health regeneration.

Lava Charm
Lava Waders
Obsidian Skin Potion [4]
197 Oozed debuff Oozed Ogre Player can barely move during the duration of the debuff. 14 seconds Player movement speed is greatly reduced. None
169 Debuff Penetrated Penetrated Bone Javelins Bleeding Out 15 seconds Deals 3 damage per second for every Javelin stuck in the target, up to 18 DPS at 6 Javelins. None
20 Debuff Poisoned Poisoned Dart Trap
Hornet (Stinger)
Toxic Sludge
Various weapons[5]
Slowly losing life 7-10 seconds 2 health lost per second.

Prevents natural health regeneration.

21 Debuff Potion Sickness Potion Sickness Consuming certain healing items [6] Cannot consume anymore healing items 60 seconds Prevents the player from consuming healing items Philosopher's Stone
(reduces time to 45)
153 Shadowflame Shadowflame Shadowflame Bow
Shadowflame Hex Doll
Shadowflame Knife
Losing life 5-8 seconds Deals 15 damage per second.

Prevents natural health regeneration.

35 Debuff Silenced Silenced Dark Mummy
Green Jellyfish
Red Potion
Cannot use items that require mana 7 seconds Prevents the player from casting any spells Megaphone
137 Slimed Slime Slime Gun You are dripping slime 30 seconds Affected entity drips slime (Cosmetic). None
32 Debuff Slow Slow Mummy
Red Potion
Movement speed is reduced 15 seconds Horizontal movement speed halved [1] Fast Clock
120 Stinky Stinky Stink Potion You smell terrible 30 seconds Green fumes appear around you (Cosmetic). None
156 Stoned Stoned Medusa You are completely petrified! 1-4 seconds Prevents the player from moving or using anything and damages the player Avoid looking at Medusa while in attack state, otherwise a Pocket Mirror
200 Debuff Stunned Stunned

Icon mobile

Heart Arrows N/A 5-7 seconds Completely stuns affected enemies None
68 Suffocation Suffocation Being encased in a falling block (Sand, Silt, Slush)
Red Potion
Losing life Until free from gravity-affected (sand, silt etc.) blocks
Red Potion expires
10 health lost per second. None
192 Debuff SugarRush Unknown effect Buff.description.SugarRush Unknown Unknown effect. Possible a placeholder debuff/buff for a future update. None, can manually be removed by right-clicking.
38 Debuff The Tongue The Tongue Wall of Flesh You are being sucked into the mouth While being dragged by the Wall of Flesh Unable to move or use items.

Wall of Flesh pulls the player in front of itself, dealing 50 damage per second in Expert Mode.

25 Debuff Tipsy Tipsy Ale
Increased melee abilities, lowered defense 2 minutes 2% increased melee critical hit chance
10% increased melee attack speed
10% increased melee damage
-4 Defense
70 Venom Venom Black Recluse
Sand Poacher
Venom Arrow
Venom Bullet
Losing life 8 seconds 6 health lost per second.

Prevents natural health regeneration.

86 Watercandle Water Candle Water Candle Increased Monster Spawn Rate Until out of range of Candle Enemy Spawn rate increased None
33 Debuff Weak Weak Corruptor (Vile Spit)
Floaty Gross
Red Potion
Physical abilities are decreased 5 minutes

-4 defense
-5% melee damage
-5% melee attack speed
-10% movement speed

149 Debuff Webbed Webbed Black Recluse in Expert Mode You are stuck 1 second Can't move but can still use items. None
103 Wet Wet Water Gun You are dripping water 25 seconds Affected entity drips water (Cosmetic). None
195 Debuff WitherArmor Withered Armor Wither Beast Your armor is lowered! While staying inside their magic circle Reduces defense by half.[7] None
196 Debuff WitherWeapon Wither Weapon Etherian Lightning Bug Your attacks are weaker! 5 seconds Reduces all damage inflicted by roughly ~40%. None
  1. 1.0 1.1 Debuff nullified by running
  2. The following monsters can inflict the On Fire! debuff: Fire Imp (Burning Sphere), Lava Slime, Meteor Head, Skeleton Archer (Flaming Arrows)
  3. The following weapons can inflict the On Fire! debuff: Fiery Greatsword, Flamarang, Flamelash, Flamethrower, Flaming Arrow, Flower of Fire, Molten Fury, Molten Hamaxe, Molten Pickaxe, Sunfury
  4. These items will only give protection against the On Fire! debuff inflicted by Lava, as well as lava damage. They will not protect against the debuff from other sources.
  5. The following weapons can inflict the Poisoned debuff: Blade of Grass, Poisoned Knife, Thorn Chakram, Tonbogiri.
  6. The following healing items will inflict the Potion Sickness debuff: Bottled Water, Glowing Mushroom, Goldfish, Greater Healing Potion, Healing Potion, Lesser Healing Potion, Lesser Restoration Potion, Mushroom, Restoration Potion
  7. Withered armor can stack with Broken Armor. However, instead of completely removing the player's defense (50+50=100% Armor reduction) it will instead lower the defense by 75%. This is because they won't trigger on the same time, so first it will inflict a 50% armor reduction, then another 50% on the remaining defense value. (i.e: 50 Defense - 50% = 25 - 50% = 12.5 (Rounded down to 12)).


  • When curing the Potion Sickness debuff via the Nurse, the icon disappears but the actual effects of the debuff are not removed.
  • The Bleeding effect can be overridden by the Campfire effect and various accessories.
  • On the 3DS version, the Mana Sickness Debuff does not occur when the player drinks a mana potion, allowing for unlimited mana.
  • On the 3DS version, the Broken Armor Debuff can last to over 10 minutes.

Update Info


  • Fixed a bug that caused Distorted to freeze players instead of changing their movement pattern.





  • Added Mana Sickness and Wet.
  • On fire! debuff now causes the player's hair to fade to crisp black, depending on how low their health is.


  • Added Chaos State
  • Debuffs now properly stack on monsters in multiplayer.
  • Water Candle now provides a visible debuff.



  • Added to the game.

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