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Defender Medal
  • Defender Medal item sprite
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TooltipCurrency for trading with the Tavernkeep
RarityRarity level: 3
Research50 required

Defender Medals are a form of currency used by the Tavernkeep. When the Tavernkeep first spawns in, the player can obtain 5 Defender Medals by talking to the Tavernkeep and selecting the "Eternia Crystal" option, but this can only be done once. Defender Medals can also be obtained by completing waves in the Old One's Army event, dropped by the Eternia Crystal if it is still intact. Betsy will also drop a Treasure Bag in Expert Mode that rewards 30-49 Defender Medals when opened.

Items acquired with Defender Medals can be sold for Gold Coins, at an exchange rate of 50000*5 Defender Medal (buy) / 1 (sell). Since sell price is 20% of buy price, internally a Defender Medal is worth one Gold Coin.


Item Price
Defender's ForgeDefender's Forge 750000*75 Defender Medal
Squire armorSquire armor 750000*75 Defender Medal (set)
Monk armorMonk armor 750000*75 Defender Medal (set)
Huntress armorHuntress armor 750000*75 Defender Medal (set)
Apprentice armorApprentice armor 750000*75 Defender Medal (set)
Dark Artist armorDark Artist armor 2250000*225 Defender Medal (set)
Red Riding armorRed Riding armor 2250000*225 Defender Medal (set)
Shinobi Infiltrator armorShinobi Infiltrator armor 2250000*225 Defender Medal (set)
Valhalla Knight armorValhalla Knight armor 2250000*225 Defender Medal (set)
Item Price
Ballista RodBallista Rod 50000*5 Defender Medal
Ballista CaneBallista Cane 250000*25 Defender Medal
Ballista StaffBallista Staff 1000000*100 Defender Medal
Explosive Trap RodExplosive Trap Rod 50000*5 Defender Medal
Explosive Trap CaneExplosive Trap Cane 250000*25 Defender Medal
Explosive Trap StaffExplosive Trap Staff 1000000*100 Defender Medal
Flameburst RodFlameburst Rod 50000*5 Defender Medal
Flameburst CaneFlameburst Cane 250000*25 Defender Medal
Flameburst StaffFlameburst Staff 1000000*100 Defender Medal
Lightning Aura RodLightning Aura Rod 50000*5 Defender Medal
Lightning Aura CaneLightning Aura Cane 250000*25 Defender Medal
Lightning Aura StaffLightning Aura Staff 1000000*100 Defender Medal


  • In Multiplayer, each player picks up a separate stack of Defender Medals from the Eternia Crystal, similar to how Treasure Bags work in Expert Mode.


  • Purchasing one of every item available requires 17950000*1795 Defender Medal.
  • Prior to 1.3.5, Defender Medals had an internal name of "our first non coin currency!" in the item initialization file.

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