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The Demon Eye is a common flying enemy that appears on most Surface biomes during the night. It has a slow turn rate, follows the player, and bounces off blocks. Its trajectory is changed when hit with a weapon that causes knockback.


There are fourteen variants of the Demon Eye, all of which have the same drops and drop chances.

Classic mode icon.png Classic
Expert mode icon.png Expert
Master mode icon.png Master
2 values: Pre-Hardmode › Hardmode
3 values: Pre-Hardmode › Hardmode › Post-Plantera
NPC ID Type Health Damage Defense KB Resist Coins
2 Demon Eye.png Demon Eye 60/120264/180396 18/3664/5496 2/24 20%/28%/36% 75Pre-Hardmode: 187Hardmode: 3
-43 Demon Eye.png Demon Eye(Variant 2) 69/138303/206455 20/4173/62110 2/24 32%/39%/46% 86Pre-Hardmode: 215Hardmode: 345
190 Cataract Eye.png Cataract Eye 65/130286/195429 18/3664/5496 4/48 30%/37%/44% 75Pre-Hardmode: 187Hardmode: 3
-38 Cataract Eye.png Cataract Eye(Variant 2) 74/149328/224493 20/4173/62110 4/49 41%/46%/52% 86Pre-Hardmode: 215Hardmode: 345
191 Sleepy Eye.png Sleepy Eye 60/120264396/180396594 16/325686/4884129 2/246 15%/24%/32% 75Pre-Hardmode: 187Hardmode: 3Post-Plantera: 450
-39 Sleepy Eye.png Sleepy Eye(Variant 2) 66/132290435/198435653 17/356194/5292141 2/246 24%/31%/39% 82Pre-Hardmode: 25Hardmode: 330Post-Plantera: 495
192 Dilated Eye.png Dilated Eye 50/100220330/150330495 18/366496/5496144 2/246 20%/28%/36% 75Pre-Hardmode: 187Hardmode: 3Post-Plantera: 450
-40 Dilated Eye.png Dilated Eye(Variant 2) 45/90198297/135297445 16/325786/4886129 1/135 12%/21%/30% 67Pre-Hardmode: 168Hardmode: 270Post-Plantera: 45
193 Green Eye.png Green Eye 60/120264/180396 20/4072/60108 0 20%/28%/36% 75Pre-Hardmode: 187Hardmode: 3
-41 Green Eye.png Green Eye(Variant 2) 51/102224/153336 17/3461/5191 0 8%/17%/26% 63Pre-Hardmode: 158Hardmode: 255
194 Purple Eye.png Purple Eye 60/120264396/180396594 14/285074/4275111 4/4812 20%/28%/36% 75Pre-Hardmode: 187Hardmode: 3Post-Plantera: 450
-42 Purple Eye.png Purple Eye(Variant 2) 66/132290435/198435653 15/305581/4682122 4/4813 28%/35%/42% 82Pre-Hardmode: 25Hardmode: 330Post-Plantera: 495
Halloween-Exclusive Variants
317 Demon Eye Halloween Variant 1.png Owl Demon Eye(Halloween Variant 1) 75/150330/225495 16/3256/4884 6/612 30%/37%/44% 1Pre-Hardmode: 250Hardmode: 4
318 Demon Eye Halloween Variant 2.png Spaceship Demon Eye(Halloween Variant 2) 60/120264/180396 20/4072/60108 4/48 35%/42%/48% 1Pre-Hardmode: 250Hardmode: 4


  • Like Zombies, Demon Eyes sometimes spawn as either larger or smaller than normal; larger Demon Eyes have more health, damage, defense, and knockback resistance, while smaller Demon Eyes are faster and harder to hit.
  • Demon Eyes appear more often during a new moon.
  • Although the Dilated Eye variant appears to have a large, black pupil, its drop rate for Black Lenses are not guaranteed nor raised.


  • Demon Eyes attempt to fly straight towards the player, and when they hit a wall, they bounce up. This allows for relatively easy escape by hiding behind a wall with a upside-down L shape.
  • Due to the fact they cannot enter water, they cannot reach the player if they are completely submerged. However, they can still hit them with their broadsword or any ranged weapon.
  • New players may find that spear-type weapons are quite effective against these enemies.
  • It is also recommended to use ranged weapons, such as the Wooden Bow, when dealing with Demon Eyes, as they spend much of their time out of reach. The best time to attack it is when the Demon Eye is turning, as a successful hit will knock it back and interrupt its flight pattern, allowing the player to get in more shots before it reaches them.
    • One can avoid damage from Demon Eyes entirely by using said bow while within a box with a 1 wide hole. This is enough space to allow proectiles through, but not Demon Eyes.
  • If the player swings in a different direction each time with their sword, they can effectively trap a Demon Eye with knockback in their sword's range, as the sword will knock it in the way the player is facing.


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BestiaryBestiary entries

  • Demon Eyes: "That suspicious feeling of being watched may very well come true in the dark of night, when Cthulhu's minions roam the skies."
  • Halloween Demon Eyes: "No one knows who dressed these demon eyes up in cute costumes, but the whole process hasn't made them any friendlier."


  • Desktop 1.2: Several new variants for the Demon Eye introduced.
  • Console 1.02:
    • New variants with costumes added and now spawn during Halloween.
    • Can now drop its own respective banner.
    • Several new variants for the Demon Eye introduced.
  • Mobile 1.2.6508:
    • New variants with costumes added and now spawn during Halloween.
    • Can now drop its own respective banner.
    • Several new variants for the Demon Eye introduced.
  • 3DS-Release: Introduced with changes up to Desktop 1.2.1.

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